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7 Easy Updates to Welcome Spring Into Your Home

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart. ― Rainer Maria Rilke

Yes, it is that beautiful time of the year again; when earth feels happy, sky looks happy, flowers nod in happiness and we who inherit the earth soak in the nature’s bounty. So what are you doing to welcome spring in your life this year? Here are some simple style ideas to kick start spring and increase your sunshinwala mood quotient.
#1  Flower power

Spring in other words mean loads of pretty flowers. Bring spring into any room by bringing those flowers inside! Try choosing a bouquet of monochromatic flowers and a matching vase. Or pick up the lovely bloom from your garden and arrange them in a glass bowl. Doing flowers like these doesn’t take much time, and it gives the room a sense that it’s alive.

In fact if you are one of those who are not confident about their flower arranging skills, this is the time to conquer it. Anybody can arrange one type of flower in one color. Buy twice as many as you think you should — too much of a good thing always works with flowers. It’s really simple.



#2  Reorganize bookshelves

There is a reason why the term ‘spring cleaning’ was coined. Go try it out with your bookshelf this season. Dust them all and reorganize. Sort books by size, first alphabet on cover and/ or subject. Remove and discard any ripped dust jackets (unless you think they might have value). Do something interesting – line books, some vertically, some horizontally, in an abstract yet chic pattern. This will relieve the monotony of rows.



#3  Wallpaper

One of the easiest way to welcome spring in your home is to add some spring themed wallpapers. If not an entire wall, add little bits in interesting spaces – inside the wardrobe or maybe a corner in the kitchen. Get butterflies, birds and flower themed ones that reflect spring. It will help add a dash of spring color in the rushed urbane life.



#4  Look after the loneliest corner

Make even the loneliest corner happy this season. Buy an indoor plant and get hold of a nicely designed basket or planter and put it in your loneliest corner. If you want to go the extra mile, stick some fairy lights behind it.



#5  Time for some ‘sheer’ fun

Now that winter had bid itself bye for this particular year, go ahead and add a simple pair of sheer panels/ curtains to those softly sunlight windows and doors. Well, sheers not only come in a plain-white option, but nowadays there are pretty pale colors and punchy patterns. Let the sunlight stream in to kiss you good morning every day. Atleast until the summer sun hit you with full force!



#6  Simple artwork
A symmetrical grouping of spring flower prints can turn a wall space into a conversation piece. With a few simple supplies, you can make a series of botanical prints. Put a spring in your home’s step with decoupage; use flower motifs to introduce the spring colors in your home and life.



#7  Eye catching centerpiece

What is more riveting than an interesting piece in the center of the living room. Bring in a little spring with a peppy green centerpiece. A terrarium perhaps? Or even eye catching indoor plants? Fill a tray with apples or other seasonal fruits for a pretty (and tasty!) coffee-table accent.



And if all the above seems tough to lay your hands on, get yourself some peel-and-stick wall decals (available online in most furnishing websites nowadays) and use it creatively as a quick and simple update for any plain surface. Bonus points, if you end up getting a tree decal, use the mural backdrop for an assortment of framed family pictures. And you’ll have a quick and painless update to your home this spring!

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