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A calm and lovingly curated abode in Hertfordshire

Enter into the bright and airy home of Nessy Samuel and you will forget that it is gray and gloomy outside. Living in the quaint little town of Hertfordshire, UK, Nessy and her husband have created a dreamy little haven that is going to make you want to get rid of all the unnecessary clutter from your life!
Entrance hallway
They have done an amazing job of updating a 1950’s property to something more contemporary and vastly more welcoming. When they bought their mid terraced house four years ago, it was stuck in a time wrap, with it having being last decorated in 1950. They stripped every last thing to its bare bones and decorated from scratch.
Influenced by Scandinavian design aesthetics, Nessy’s home embodies the calm and carefully collected look that is functional yet supremely beautiful at the same time.
Mancala Board ~Dining Room
She says her favourite go-to design policy is to opt for white or neutral walls and accessorise with a maximum of two or three colours, to get that restful feeling around the house.
Master Bedroom
The collector in her can not resist ceramic crockery and she has now a vast collection from her travels around the world. She has an amazing eye for collecting unusual curios from her trips be the interesting Mancala Board that graces her dining table or the cute little figurines displayed amongst the TV unit, from her last visit to Greece.
Raise your hand if you are joining me in throwing away all the junk from your home and embracing the lovely simplicity yet stylish aesthetics of Nessy’s home in your own!