About Housedelic

Housedelic is a community of *fiendishly* house-proud people who believe that beautiful homes are, more than anything else, a labour of love. We aren’t afraid to get down and dirty, trying to have a not-so-ordinary home with our very normal budgets and creatively so.

When not decorating our homes and showing off to one another, we can be found pottering away in our gardens, or learning ways to be kinder to our planet, or even restoring battered ol’ things with some cool DIY tricks, or perhaps, hunting down stores hidden away in the back-alleyways of our towns looking at beautiful thingummies. And, at the end of a day’s work, coming back home and greeting it with a heartfelt, “Hey, good lookin’.”

Sounds familiar? Join us now for warm, happy vibes and be part of a hive full of bees who cannot, and will not, sit still.  Find us on Facebook, Pinterest and discover rest of the Housedelic family, if you’d like.