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Sheena Dhanaraj | Shae

Housedelic is proud to introduce to our readers some fabulous artists around us! Many of them pursue art for the love of it! Some of them have full time careers and this is their ‘alternate’ passion! For some, it is an entrepreneurial venture. They dabble in pottery, painting, recycled products, candle making, photography, quilled artwork and more! Everything they do just makes a home more beautiful! This section goes by the name ‘The Artists’ Square’ and every few weeks, we shall showcase a rendezvous with an artist!

Art for the love of it, with a purpose to up-cycle what is around and make it look like a dream come true. From newspaper pen holders to wine bottles converted to beautiful vases to colourful mugs, Shae welcomes us to a world of creative recycles. Sheena is a self-trained artist who dabbles primarily with traditional media. She loves to capture human expressions and her creative sketches are photorealistic and post-impressionistic at the same time. She is creatively adept in capturing the moods and feelings of the subject in her drawings and is able to portray to the viewer what the subject might be going through. Presently employed full-time as a ‘Training & Communication Manager’ at ABB and playing mom to two boys, Sheena stringently devotes at least two to three hours a week to art. Sheena has had no formal education in art per se, but indulges only for the love of it!


Name – Sheena Francesca Dhanaraj

Name of Product line/Brand/Online Store – SHAE

Inspiration for the name – Sounded nice to me. No specific inspiration.

The Artist-You & The concept behind ‘SHAE’ – Raptured with human expressions and its many faces, I began my romance with art by emoting graphite portraits on paper. Gentle lines and vigorous strokes provoked the amity to black and white and shades of grey. While the lack of color illuminates contrast, the bold use of color is limitless and my interest steered towards capturing photo-realistic objects in traditional media such as oil and acrylics. Coerced into playing with digital media, to keep up with the times, my experiments led to creating colorful ‘pop portraits’. These funky portraits in vibrant colors complete with kitsch and drama are called ‘AndyWarholics’. Digital prints in sandwich frames, led to the composition of realistic acrylic paintings of these prints. The essence of an ‘AndyWarholic’ is color captured in time.

This passion for painting got me converting waste into interesting objects. I would paint on almost every surface I could find, right from pebbles, stools, pots, discarded bottles etc. This penchant for painting ignited the creativity to make products out of waste that can be useful as well as beautiful. I started creating quirky and funky flower vases out of discarded liquor bottles and then moved on to making attractive gift and storage boxes. Always endearing to learn more, I realized that newspapers are always in abundance and creating something from them would be an excellent idea. Initially, I started making newspaper bags and then moved on to making twine to make products such as baskets, coasters, pen stands etc. The pleasure received in creating something quite extraordinary and sharing this knowledge gained with like-minded individuals doubles its intensity.

The other ‘job’ you do – Training & Communication Manager with ABB (full-time)

The feel of being an entrepreneur – 

  • Pride in being able to create something almost from scratch for someone who draws great pleasure in owning it.
  • Wholly responsible & accountable for the success/failure of the venture.
  • Emotions are stronger when it is your own venture.
  • Immense learning in terms of handling a business and lots needs to be learnt and implemented.
  • Being creative is not enough, hard work is more important.

Other Artists who inspire you – Andy Warhol, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Nilofer Suleman

Popular Art Pages you follow on FB – Hari Menon, Elvin Lonan, Glasshopper, Leonard Hon, Masalachai

How do you get more people to recycle/up-cycle – Periodic ‘Urban Education’ drives which focuses on ‘REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE’.

The most adventurous/memorable moment about SHAE – Painting is easy, but selling isn’t. When the idea stemmed to put up a stall at Soul Santhe, 20 days before the event, I managed to paint 96 paintings in two weeks and when I put together all my paintings & sketches, I hadn’t realized that I had done so much that there wasn’t enough place to display them, and to add to my joy I had excellent sales and had people revisiting my stall many times over. One couple actually said that my stall was the best in ‘Soul Santhe’!


How do we reach you?

Mail: sheena.dhanaraj@gmail.com

Phone: +91-9880593106

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Sheena.SHAE