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Pritesh Krishnan | Art’zire

Imagine Rapunzel coming to life through strips of paper! When a Scientist decides to take Art seriously, you sit up and notice. The meticulousness, dedication and research becomes evident. The thought of innovation at every step and the desire to transcend new boundaries and create masterpieces is but given. We at Housedelic today present a multifarious artist – Pritesh Ananth Krishnan, who is both a keen learner & a dedicated teacher.


The idea behind the name of your brand:
Art’zire with a tagline – Artify your desires. It covers as wide a range as your desires can. We like to believe that our USP is customization.

The Researcher Pritesh
Very much alive and at work. I had never thought the background in research will help this much. The attitude learnt during PhD – hammer away at the problem until it yields – helps immensely in Art as well. Constant innovation is our motto and research and Art become one in that quest.

The Artist Pritesh
Whimsical! That should sum it up. I wish I was more organized but I go by what takes my fancy. It helps in a way because there is always this element of surprise about what I would do next but it has a down-side. Executing repeat orders of a kind becomes a bit of a chore sometimes.


How has the transition been from being a scientific researcher to a quilling artist?
Full of turmoil, indecision, self-doubt, second thoughts and yet, determination. I can say I transitioned completely, for that scientific attitude remained. My workshops always have a smattering of scientific terminology, ask my students…..

Tell us a bit about Quilling as an art form.
To put it succinctly, Quilling is an Art form using rolled paper as the building element. The rolled paper can be shaped into a myriad of forms to form intricate and elaborate patterns. Since the Art started with rolling the paper at the end of a feather quill, the name Quilling stuck (in spite of the modern tools available for rolling paper)
It dates back to a couple of centuries, where it was more an Art form for the women of “frail disposition”. The quilling paper was mostly edges taken from gold-gilded books. From what I have read, the initial works were made as adornments around Jesus and Mary’s statues in Middle-Age Europe.
In modern times, however, Quilling has come a long way. There are dedicated companies making tools and material for quilling. Newer forms and techniques are coming to the fore with newer quillers joining the Quilling bandwagon.

What defines your art work?
Challenges. Any Art-form that needs me to do the same thing repeatedly will get me uninterested in no time. Each project I have worked with has been different from the previous one. Most of the times, I aspire to do projects that make me say, “I can’t do it”, in the beginning.


What categories of crafts/ art work do you do?
Painting (water-colour, poster, oil, acrylic), Sketching (black and white and colour, mostly portraits), Embroidery, Paper Quilling (two-dimensional, three-dimensional, portraits and elaborate paintings using quiling), Digital Designing, Jewellery-making (with paper, polymer-clay, air-dry clay, beads, bead-weaving) and Punch-craft

What prompted you to take this up?
It is hard to answer this one. It was largely to answer to my inner calling. Though research was going great, I felt the lack of a creative freedom that Art has given me.

Your favourite work:
Rapunzel! Of all the projects I have ever taken up, this was the most challenging and time consuming, so far. The painting was so complex, I gave up many times while making it. It needed so much of figuring out, so much of work that I never would’ve thought I could pull it off. I hope something more challenging would take its place soon


Other Artists who inspire you:
The one to top the list currently would be Manuela Koosch (from Romania), Suganthi Mohan (from Chennai) and Cecelia Louie (from Canada). Manuela’s ability to breathe life into the mundane always stumps me. Suganthi is flawless to the extent that she has come to represent perfection in my eyes. And Cecelia has given “Design is not when you can’t add anything more, it is when you can’t take anything away” an altogether new definition!

How do you get more people to appreciate art?
By exposure. A lot of people are simply unaware of many forms of Art around them. I almost sound silly to myself most of the times, explaining the nitty gritties of Art of to people. But I am willing to make the effort. Thanks to Internet on phones, introduction to Art is just a touch away.


Which are the other Art pages/People you follow?
Ah! The list is extensive! But the ones whose Art I look forward to are:
Manuela Koosch (www.manuk.ro)
Cecelia Louie (http://paperzen.blogspot.in/)
Yulia Brodskaya (www.artyulia.com)
Suzana Ilic (http://quillingwithfun.blogspot.in/)
Sujit Chakrabarty (http://sujitkc.blogspot.in/)
Suganthi Mohan (http://papercraftss.blogspot.in/)
Katarzyna Wroblewska (http://kasia-wroblewska.blogspot.in/)
Dr. Sonia S V (http://cardsandschoolprojects.blogspot.in/)

The most adventurous/memorable moment about being an artist?
Oh, plenty! I remember this one time when someone asked me if I could do a full wall mural with quilling. It was so exciting to discuss it. Too bad I had to scrap the project as I was moving from Pune to Bangalore.

Peacock Full 1

Do you conduct workshops? When is your next workshop in Bangalore?
Yes indeed, I do conduct workshops, on both paper-quilling and jewellery making. The next paper quilling workshop will be on March 2nd (Basic and Medium levels). The next jewellery-making workshop will be in March second week mostly.

How do we reach you?
I can be best reached via e-mail: artzire@gmail.com. My phone number is 8884643192 and Facebook page for my venture is www.facebook.com/Artzire. Message/Write/Call/Whatsapp – anything is ok.

Thanks a lot for this opportunity and I wish Housedelic happy times ahead. Thank you for exposing us to Art that is around us. You know, Art doesn’t need this world, this world needs Art.