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Beware of Beauty Overload!

What would you say to a virtual walk through the Handmade Collective for those of you not in Bangalore? After waxing eloquent about it yesterday we thought it’s only fair that we bolster that up with some visual proof.

Naah, not really. This time we actually remembered to take our cameras along to document the fair and not just our wallets!
It’s hard to miss the cheerful and friendly vibe the moment you enter the vibrant green lawns of the Kochhar Institute, where the fair is taking place. Packed with some whimsical, some practical and some absolutely gorgeous goodies, it’s difficult not to reach out and touch the lovely textures to complete your sensory enjoyment.
If you would like some eye candy for yourself apart from your home, there is plenty to choose from!

So don’t forget to visit them today or tomorrow, indulge in some some good ol’ fashioned how do yo do’s and get something you have been meaning to buy but still haven’t found just the right thing!
PS: Curious about the artists and artisans who are exhibiting?Read more here.

Photo Credit: Suchi Govindaranjan. Thanks Suchi ! :-)