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Bosch DIY Square | Bangalore

Now that you guys know we aren’t afraid to get down and dirty at housedelic to get things done exactly the way we want to, we thought we will start profiling some of our favorite finds and stomping grounds. So let’s start with talking about our recent find, the Bosch DIY store. But first, let us put the words ‘machine tools’ into perspective. You would think, the mere words would elicit a few groans from the fairer sex or a ‘now we are talking’ from a guy like me. Little did I realize that the Bosch DIY Square in Bangalore, the only one of its kind in India, would be such a huge hit with both the sexes and perhaps throw in a few candies for the kids as well! This gem of a store manages to capture the essence of what DIY is all about.

 DIY Bosch Centre, bangalore

I must say that the first impression was not a stop-dead-in-your-track one, but this one kind of grows on you like a Rahman number. The store assistants played no small role in making our visit an absolutely delightful and memorable experience. Split into 3 sections of Hobby, Home and Garden, each have been given their due space. Well thought out lighting and the various nooks with the provision for trying out the power tools before buying warmed the cockles of my heart!

Garden Section at DIY Bosch Centre in Bangalore
Hobby Section at DIY Bosch Centre, Bangalore

The Bosch Bangalore DIY Centre's Home Section available with various tools and kits.
In the Hobby section, particular mention must be made for the cordless portable radio. This equipment looks like an accessory straight out of Darth Vader’s den. Insanely cool and ruggedly practical, I suspect that Bosch will end up selling this more to the young urban population than to foremen or construction workers as Bosch seems to be positioning it. Bad news is, Bosch is yet to start selling this and you will have to wait for a few more months till you can get your hands on it.
Various easy to use drills at DIY Bosch Centre, Bangalore
The Home section has one wall dedicated to their whole range for us Beginners with drill guns and innumerable hand tools like drill bits, electrician kits etc all the way upto the Professional range with sophisticated measuring tools, alignment tools, and metal detectors for easy wall drilling. DIY includes figuring out how to use the drill gun effectively along with a whole range of attachment options. Be prepared to burn a small hole in your pocket with the range of sets (accessories with the basic tool) which starts upwards of INR 4000. Not to worry as there are plenty of options available for those on a smaller budget. Skil, a Bosch brand has a really innovative and practical range of hand tools to choose from. I couldn’t resist myself from buying their precision screw driver set in neon green, the glaring looks from my wife notwithstanding. Take a look at the pictures below to get a feel of what I am talking about.
Tutorial on how to use drills and other equipments, DIY Bosch Centre, bangalore
Sample drill piece, drill set at Bosch DIY Centre, Bangalore
Their Dremel range of tools are a fascinating sight to behold. The range is entirely oriented to the hobbyists who can experiment with their Carving, Engraving and Routing skills. For those of you who are not familiar with this, a trip to the store and some time with the assistants is surely worth it, as it was for me. This might be a new concept for India but I am told that this is particularly prevalent in the western world. Buffing, sanding, home welding, soldering, burnt carving (now who ever has heard of that one!), you name it and they have it. This beautiful hand engraved glass along with the egg shells are the handiwork of some of the talented store assistants.

 Egg and Glass carvings at DIY Bosch Centre at Bangalore

Unlike most others, this is one store, where the young’uns will get due respect as well! Maybe with a bit of luck and practice you could even look forward to their active support at home while drilling a hole or tightening a screw? Bosch intends to catch ’em young and their kids workstation (profiled in picture) is an ingenious piece of equipment, replete with a set of toy screwdriver, drill gun, workbench, bench vise and even a chain saw! Calling all parents of future mechanical engineers! Why do I keep thinking of this as sowing seeds for a chainsaw massacre, weird and macabre but then that’s me thinking…
DIY drill kits at display in Bosch Centre at Bangalore
The only downside to this lovely store is the not so lovely location, right next to the Bosch Adugodi campus on Bannerghatta Road, especially when it comes to parking. But then I guess the store has a lot to offer and most people wouldn’t mind overlooking that minor inconvenience. Particular mention has to be made for the Hobby classes that the store conducts twice a month on Carving, Engraving and Routing (schedule varies, so its best to check with the store first). Thanks to Bosch for bringing this concept to India and especially the store assistants in spending their time to help us bring out this article. As for you guys, what are you waiting for? Please go, pay them a visit and come back with your guns err.. drills blazing!
How to drill, descriptive images at Bosch DIY Centre, Bangalore

The Store Details:

DIY Square,
#33, Opp. BOSCH Gate No. 2,
Bannerghatta Main Road, Audugodi,
Bangalore -560 030.
Ph# 080-22109036 / 65679561.


PS – We were not perked or paid for writing about the store. Machine tools make me go weak in my knees so this one kind of flowed straight from the heart ;-).