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Bringing Spring Indoors

It is the time of the year again when trees everywhere are putting up a spectacular show of beautiful blooms that literally makes you stop in your tracks and take in the bounty of nature, even if it is for a moment during the mad dash to the office. Since most of us spend the better part of our days indoors, unfortunately the best way to enjoy the some spring time goodness is to keep a pot or two on our office desks or the cubicle!

Banish those ‘why-can’t-I-be-outside-right-now’ blues with some interesting planters to keep you company; look what we found for our little cubbyhole!
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1. Nic-Nacker Storage Cups and Tray The perfect accessory for a bit of organization and green-i-fication! Good for keeping the office paraphernalia corralled and also plant your favorite greens!
2. Grass Dolls Planter: A bit a of whimsy is always good for better mental productivity in office. We just made that up, how can you resist having such cuteness on your desk!
3. Multicolored Terracotta Hanging Pots: Make this hanging planter on your own or buy it, it is surely going to bring in a nice of dose color and contrast to the sea of grey and beige most office cubicles seem to drown in.
4. Mint Rustic Planter If it is a bit of rustic charm that you are looking for, add this lovely wooden planter to your space. Imagining an overflowing pot of green in this charming little thing, is just making us go weak in our knees!
PS – We are not perked or paid for sharing these links, no ‘bahut yaaraana lagta hai‘ relation with these retailers. We are crazy mad about fun stuff like this and love sharing the loot with the rest of you 😀 . Hamaara naam Soorma Bhopali Housedelics aise hi nahin hai!