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Shabby Chic with an Indian Twist

Over the 3 years of our nesting process, both the husband and I have come to the realization that we might have a slight obsession with wood. From the antique wooden panel we recently fell in love with to the thrifted beer cask moonlighting as a side table, our home seems to be drowning in the swamp of brown wood. We try and offset it by covering every surface in color of the rainbow but there is no denying the widespread brown-ness of our home!

vintage rosewood boxes,chest, vintage portugese green wine bottle goa, indian home decor

I’ve been itching to inject a wee bit of color via some colorful painted pieces. Granted a fuchsia  sofa in the house might shake the very foundations of my marriage, but small pieces like a side table or a book shelf might just bring in the cheerful dose of color I am looking for.



Now some might say painting wood amounts to a criminal offense. It probably is, if you are painting over a beautifully grained rosewood or teak cabinet, but updating a seriously beaten up or a veneered piece to something lust-worthy can’t be a bad thing! Painting a piece of furniture in a vibrant hue might actually lighten up the mood and the look of your room without compromising on the form or functionality. A definite win-win in my opinion!



distressed furniture

With some patience and a bit of time on your hands, transforming that ugly eye sore lurking in the storage space should not be that tough. Sand, prime and paint with care and you are good to go.  And, you get sculpted arms in the bargain.  Atleast that’s what I am told, I am yet to get started on my masterpiece! Enough inspiration to get started don’t you think? As soon as I figure out where my sandpaper stash is hidden this time. Do you have a bit of painted wood in your home that can get us inspired?