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Coffee and long chats!

Being a teenager in the 90’s meant growing up on a steady diet of Friends. And thanks to that, I had very definitive ideas as to how my home would look like once I could boast of some money in the bank at the end of every month. The preferred adda for coffee and gossip, late night jamming sessions and of course sleepovers topped off with lazy Sunday brunches! The relaxed vibe of Vaishnavi Viswanathan’s home makes you want to do exactly that and more. I am sure she has trouble making her guests leave the lovely cocoon she has created for herself in Bombay.
Situated in the most happening part of city, Carter Road, she has access to all the elite hangouts and at the same time enjoys beautiful scenic views and the company of local village folks who bring farm fresh produce at her very doorstep. Unusual for a home in the city, the French windows overlook a gorgeous community garden and not someone else’s home. Having a penchant for open and simplistic spaces her home is dotted with few unique and personalised knick knacks that she has been slowly collecting over the year and says are great ice breakers.
One of her prized possession is the blessing box – it’s a clock which looks like an old style radio and can also be used as a box. She has turned that into a blessing box and now whoever visits the house writes their memory of that visit on a piece of paper and puts it in. In essence everyone’s memory in that house becomes a blessing for her but she doesn’t get to read them till 31st December! She says the wait is killing her but she can’t wait to fill the box with new blessings for the coming year. Lovely idea isn’t it?
Filled with lovingly collected quirky objects, Vaishnavi’s home is a true reflection of her fun loving persona. She says she loves a house’s that has a great sense of humour, a house that can make you laugh engages you to explore every nook and corner of the house to unearth more things to laugh at. Her Marge Simpson mirror never fails to elicit some laugh and few envious ‘Ah that’s awesome, I want one too!!’ responses :-P.
Definitely holds true for me, I can’t wait to unearth more treasures her home beholds!

PS: Sorry for being MIA for last two days Guys! Some !±*$^!%!!&@%! hosting issues that prevented us from keeping up with our usual bak-bak ;-).