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Clean loo-ness is next to Godliness

It is where we start our day…where we go to unwind, to relax. And this is where we excuse ourselves to, when handling our families becomes too much… But sshhh! That’s a secret!

Bathrooms are just as personal as the bedroom. They give privacy and the much needed ten minutes break in a chaotic day. So isn’t it better to keep that place just as beautiful and organised as our bedrooms? We are sharing here a few tips and loads of ideas to make your personal spa a perfect sanctuary.

Organise it, decorate it not according to these photos, or how the latest interior magazine says so, but according to how you will be using it. Sure, take ideas and inspirations but, adept it to your lifestyle. How much time you spend in there? Do you share it with kids? With guests? Is your house a rental and are you allowed to put up things on the walls? Can you change the paint? These are some of the things you need to factor in before you start organising it.

Unlike the huge bathrooms shown often in décor magazines, most of us do not have the luxury of a large bathroom. But we all have four walls.

Use those walls. Get good-looking, sturdy ones. I mean husbands. I mean shelves. Put up shelves, wherever possible, without making it too chaotic. A good idea is to put them above the toilet seat. That space is usually a waste in most bathrooms. Or keep them near the washbasin, for easy access to our endless toiletries.



If shelves are not your thing, or you need more space, it is always a good idea to use the space underneath the sink. If you can, get pull-out drawers installed under sink. Make sure the material is waterproof and rust free. If that is not possible, put a simple shoe rack underneath the sink (you can get them in different sizes) and then use baskets to organize your stuff in it.







Take tips from how they beautify and organize the bathrooms in good hotels. Roll up the hand towels and put them in a wire or beautiful plastic basket. No, not wicker, it will be ruined before you can even begin to admire its beauty.



Put a vase of flowers. Fake or real, flowers add a smile. And a much needed cheerfulness. Invest in fake flowers if changing flowers daily is not a possibility.

If you have space, and you are so inclined to, you can out a little painting or two, to provide a pop of color, a break from the monotony.



Make a space for everything. It has to look clutter-free as soon as you step-in. If you read a book in there, make space for it. If you use a hair dryer, it needs its own place too.



Do remember, that whatever you add in the bathroom will get wet and dirty, and YOU will end up cleaning it all. So make sure whatever you add, you will be okay with it in the long run. Also, keep a cleaning kit ready for use in the bathroom. You won’t have to run around looking for supplies, and all it will take is five-minutes a day to keep it spick and span. What to put in the kit? Sponges, wiper, plunger, cleaning liquids and brushes – and anything else you use to keep it clean and sparkly.



One thing that can take your bathroom (or actually any room) up a notch is the color scheme. You do not have to make it resemble a rainbow, but it doesn’t have to be as dull as beige walls. Try the safe three color scheme. One-two neutral colors. One pop color. Go for soothing blues or wild pinks. Or sunshiny yellows.





So, what are you waiting for? Are you in? Go create something beautiful and do share the change.



A kind contribution from Payal Parmar for Housedelic.