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Cozying it up with Candles

It’s getting really colddddd up here in the northern part of the country. When it gets this chilly, I like nothing better than to curl up with a piping hot soup inside a nice and toasty razai in the evenings. And with a few candles lit up all around, it just starts to feel so cozy and holiday-ish, I wonder why I never reach for them all year round! I love having candles at hand – they are festive, they are versatile and they are cheap! And everything looks better in the warm glow of candle light. Although I mostly use store bought candles in ones or multiples to get a certain look, trolling through Pinterest lately I found a lot of ideas how to take a frumpy candle and make it look dazzling. So fellow housedelics, allow me to share my latest obsession with you, Candle Makeovers!
Wrap it it up!
Lets start with a no brainer. A twist of twine or a ribbon around a candle and it instantly becomes a bit more dressier and elegant!

quick easy candle make over with burlap ribbon wrapsource

Scent of a candle
Imagine the lovely aroma of cinnamon and coffee slowly permeating through your home along with that lovely glow! I am going to try making a coffee candle this weekend and see if it really works!!




Bring the outdoors inside
Few sprigs of evergreens or lavender (you lucky-ducky!) wrapped around a simple pillar candle, make it look both elegant and rustic at the same time.




Glam it up
I like everything with a bit of sparkle and gleam :-D, so these glamorous sequinned candles are very high on my make-it-right-now-list!




Doodle away
For those of you super talented people who can hold a mehndi cone without stuff coming out from the wrong end, how lovely would it be to doodle away on a plain old candle and give it a whole new look? Just remember to seal the candle with a spray sealant once dry and your doodling will remain safe :-).


Please leave me a comment and let me know if you liked the little peek into my candle dreamworld :-) !

A kind contribution from Zeba Khan for Housedelic!

PS: Taking inspiration and help from Zeba, we have complied a Pinterest Board full of candle goodness to share the love! Thanks Zeba!