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Creating Tablescapes

With the festivities brewing up all around, one set just got over but there is still more to come, we often look for quick and easy ways to “do up” our homes partly to express our innate aesthetics and partly to impress! C’mon fess up! You do it because you want your guests to ooh and aah about your newly “done up” décor every time you have them over. This is the time of the year to go for nights out, partying, dinners in some fancy what-not-restaurant and more often than not an inevitable cozy dinner or two with friends or family or as in my case both! On occasions such as these we all face the same crisis in terms of home décor – what’s new?

In our everyday busy lives while running from home to work or the other way round we have very little time to think of redecorating. Either the Boss or dear Hubbie or tantrum throwing kids take up our priority.

With the dining table acting as the melting pot for all your guests, we suggest taking a closer look at some of these ideas to bring in a dash of novelty. Tablescapes are a great way to create an interesting vignette that talks about your own aesthetic sensibility or a particular theme of the party you are hosting or maybe the festival you are celebrating. The Indian aesthetics have an innate sense of colour composition, a strong balance of design elements and a natural festive air to it.

For a home that flaunts rich Indian colours and the aesthetics of a deep rooted culture, a vignette of jewel coloured artefacts, rustic t-light holders, handcrafted place mats and interesting pieces of traditional crafts may prove to be ideal. When following this style of decorating it is imperative that you do not go overboard as there is a high risk of crossing over to kitsch.



For a home inspired from the traditional style of décor where the inspiration comes from the simplistic day to day living, you may create a tablescape with pieces that speak of the traditions and are interactive.



The beautiful brass vessel can be used as an alternative flower vase or a tea light holder for a rustic flavour and the look is completed by a handcrafted table cloth that injects some colour to the elegant vignette. While employing this particular theme it might be a good idea to introduce a whimsical element, the tablecloth in this case, to break the monotony of browns and brass.



Another unique idea is to go with theme based tablescapes. In this particular vignette the colours used are as rich as the country it is inspired from and the little gift package is an element of surprise, mystery and delight to your diners – ideal for an occasion like Christmas, Diwali or Eid, for exchanging gifts!



At times an impulse purchase might end up being the beginning point for the décor of your entire dinner party. An interesting piece, an antique or a lovely knick-knack might just create a gorgeous vignette that you would earn a lot of admiration and envy for!



In the end all that matters, is how well you use your resources and how you bring together different elements to create a homogenous theme and build up a dining experience that evokes conversation and inspires a second…long…look!

A kind contribution from Snigdha Ghosh Roy for Housedelic.