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The Wall : Creative Ideas For Decorating Blank Walls

Yesterday, I had some free time which I was utilising constructively by listening to old numbers. Flyod’s ‘Another brick in the wall’ is of course an all-time favourite. As it played on a loop in my mind, much later, I realised that walls which are mostly taken for granted in so many households can actually be the highlight while doing up interiors. Yes, the song has nothing to do with wall décor but epiphany happens you know!

Wall art or décor need not always be expensive. Yes, granted that a Hussain or Monet (of course, I am talking about originals) hanging in any room would do the owner proud, but besides hanging paintings and murals there are hordes of other ways to add that extra zing in your abode if you think creatively.

Thumb rule: Focus on any two walls in a room. If all the walls get equal focus, a room that is not huge may look cluttered. The walls that you choose to highlight, do them up with bright colours and interesting pieces. For example – A charcoal grey wall will look great with white display pieces. Once the things to be highlighted are sorted, you can go around doing up the rest of the walls in pale, neutral shades to compliment the focal wall.

Plates in unexpected colours make a fresh wall arrangement. You can vary hues (within a family), sizes, textures and just play around to add some drama. Put the most dramatic plate toward the center – you can do this by laying out the plates on the floor first to see if the experiment works. Infuse a bit of traditional Indian flavour into the arrangement by using silver or brass trays, go modern chic with decoupage trays or go rustic with a pretty display of woven baskets.

Woven Basket Wall Display


Plate Wall Decor Idea


Masks make for great wall display. Yes, you may know someone else who is also doing something similar but if you start collecting unusual ones from across the country/ globe your selection is bound to be very unique and personal. Lighting plays a very important role in bringing out the best in masks. Keep that in mind while selecting the wall where you want to display your collection.

Define a space; say the staircase landing or a foyer or even a wall that leads to a walk in closet with mirrors that adds both drama and light. There can be one huge eye catching piece or few interesting mirrors hung close to each other.

Mirror Collection Display Wall


Are you an outdoor lover? A film buff? Or the person who loves road trips? Your hobbies, likes and who you are as person can reflect in the objects you choose to do up your walls with. It adds to the unique quotient and lends individuality to your abode.
Do up a wall with vintage film posters. Or get the unusual, award winning roles your favourite movie star has portrayed printed in large formats. Frame them well. I have a wall which has old print advertisements. Or get some license plates – different states, different countries. That can make an interesting collection. Old film reels, yes even that works especially for your den where you relax with close friends.

Kitschy Indian Movie Posters


For the crafty souls: Make use of gloves and mittens missing their mates. Or some interesting coloured doilies, tapestries or even left over interesting fabric pieces. Frame them in colourful frames or experiment with embroidery hoops and hang them in a grid to make a one of a kind wall display.



Memory gallery: Dig in to your albums for your best shots (pick a theme: weddings, birthday parties, vacations) and put them in identical or similar frames. Hang in a tight grid or a long line — you cannot go wrong if you stick to a geometric arrangement. I have moments with loved ones framed on an entire wall. Looking at it on gloomy days, will act like an instant mood rejuvenator when you remember the cherished moments and laughs you shared.

And if all fails, buy interesting looking shelves. These days you can easily buy them in both online and offline furniture stores. Place your collection of artefacts and see how it adds a character to your room.

Interesting walls always make for interesting conversations. Go for it. Add another unique idea to your brick wall.