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And the countdown to Deepavali begins!

We love the festival season here at Housedelic. Gives us an excuse to indulge in all that we hold dear without the accompanying guilt. Eat. Decorate. Rinse, repeat! The nip in the air, the general bonhomie and the religious (well not quite, but still!) approval to shop, all make this the second most interesting event of the year. So we were very excited when Artnavy who claims to be a Not-So Artful Dodger 😉 decided to share some of her festival memories and traditions with us. Over to you Artnavy!

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Diwali-Deepavali- the time for lights and another excuse to indulge in home decor.

In the Artnavy household, usually the ethnic bed spreads find their way out as do cushions covers. All the lights and lamshades go on. I try and buy a new lamp, bed spread or Ganesha each year.
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God said let there be light!-1 

Since we do not buy many crackers except some sparklers and non noisy flower pots, we spend time on art and decoration using rangolis and lamps. The kids play a big part in that. They paint mud lamps/diyas and place them on colourful rangolis.

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The oil bath early morning, new clothes, seeking elders blessings and of course a huge home made feast are mandatory on Diwali.

We do not gift specifically during this festival but the times we do, we make an effort to pack and present differently.

Would you like to share your Deepavali memories with us?