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DIY Diaries: The Tile Table

Being an avid DIY’er, I have realised that any mundane piece of furniture can be given its dream makeover. Furniture makeovers can be so addictive that over a period of time, you are able to visualise the finished piece, just by looking at something that needs a makeover. This post is dedicated to all those wannabe DIY’er, pull up your socks and get started!

I found this ordinary side table at an old furniture store in Shivajinagar (Bangalore). The ugly laminate on top must have repelled all prospective buyers. The minute I saw it, I had an idea forming. The frame was good teakwood, and only the top needed a makeover. I decided to give it a tile top.


Here is what I used
4 tiles
Glass beads that are flat on one side
Araldite (adhesive to stick the tiles and beads)
Tile mate (Grout to fill gaps)
Water (To make a paste out of tile mate)
Rubber gloves
Sponge wipe
Here is what I did

1. I wiped the table top off all the dust and grime it had collected and let it dry.
2. I placed the 4 tiles on the table top at the center with a little gap in between them. I realised there was a small gap in between the sides of the table and the tile. That is where the idea of putting a row of glass beads came in. Lucky for me, I already had some glass beads.
3. Once the tiles and the glass beads were placed in the order that looked best, it was time to fix them there. Araldite is a strong adhesive for projects like these. It comes with 2 tubes, resin and hardener, squeeze out equal amounts in a small plastic container and mix well. Once its mixed, you wont be able to reuse it, so mix only as much as its required.
4. I picked up one tile at a time, applied the glue at the back and placed it back in its position. Same with glass beads.
5. Once everything is glued to table top, it needs to rest for 24 hours for it to harden and set before we move to the next step.
6. The next step is to fill the gaps with tile mate (grout). Make a paste with tile mate and water to get a idly batter consistency. (Guys trying this DIY, Please feel free to consult your mom or wife to make sure the consistency is right) I dumped a lump of tile mate on the table top and used my hands to spread it everywhere so the gaps are filled completely. Wearing the rubber gloves makes it easy to handle the mess. Don’t worry if there is excess grout on the table..
7. Dip the sponge in water and squeeze all the water out, gently wipe the table top to take off excess grout and provide a smooth finish. Wash the sponge and squeeze tight as often as you can, till the table top looks spotless and cleared of all excess grout.
8. Wait another 24hrs till it dries.
9. Tadaaaa…. Sit back and enjoy the makeover!
DIY’s can be very satisfying stress busters. If you have been thinking of getting your hands dirty, do it and do it now!