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DIY Diaries: Upcycled Magazine Frame

There are DIYs that require a lot of planning and a good part of your grey matter. And then there are DIYs (if you can call it that!) like the one I am about to tell you, that require nothing but a monotonous repetition of the same thing over and over again. Unfortunately for me, I hadn’t thought too much about the monotonous part, considering I was cooped up at home being both infectious & sick and wanted to do something other than sneezing and moaning about the state of the world and my withered ol’ self.
So, I had a cheap wooden photo frame lying about at home, that I had been meaning to do great big things with. Being on a sort of house arrest meant I needed to tame my wild ideas and make do with things I had at hand. Keeping that in mind I decided to use some of the old magazines lying around to make a funky upcycled frame. The only problem with this particular project? It took FOREVER! Well not really, but the cutting and rolling of paper took a lot of time! Make sure you don’t have any looming deadlines the day you decide to tackle this. (I am not really selling this too well, am I?)

What I used:
1. Cheap photoframe
2. Adhesive (Fevicol worked well)
3. Old magazines
4. Scissors or an X-acto knife
5. Picture Varnish
6. A brush for the varnish

What I did:

1. Pull out the most colorful pages from the magazines and start cutting thin strips from the pages. You might want to match the width of the strip to the width of the frame.
2. Roll up the strips tightly and glue them at the end. You will get faster with this rolling and gluing business after you have made a few. Keep stacking them on the frame to get an idea of how many you need to make.
3. Once you have enough rolled strips, glue one side of the frame at a time and start assembling. The end is near fear my friend!
4. Add a coat of varnish once everything dries up well to seal the outer surface.
5. And you are done!