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Dreams are made of these ~ I

Reshma’s debut here on Housedelic was perhaps through a picture of her living room in one of our posts. On the same day she made her debut in my life. Or, to put it correctly, a drooling Me sent her a fraanships request and as good as asked for her hand. (Yes, I ransacked all her cover photos on Facebook and couldn’t resist having her in my life).


If I had to introduce Reshma Sharma formally to you all, I would say that she is the warmth of a big mug of Elaichi tea served on a cold wintry morning. Mood freshening are THE apt adjectives.  Or perhaps adjectives would fall short. For Reshma, creativity is a way of life. She is one of those who find happiness in the colours of a butterfly’s wings or the multihued kites flying in the sky. She incorporates their colours into her everyday life. What draws me to her the most is the way she perceives life. In her own words: “I like to cook meals for my family, grow flowers, keep my home in a way that friends and family find comfortably cozy so that they keep coming back. I am a mom with two kids and a dog in the house so nothing here is too expensive. Neither does anything carry a ‘touch me not’ tag. Everything is accessible and mostly unbreakable.”


Reshma shares her Lucknow home with her (very handsome) husband, a pair of wonderful kids and her pet Labrador, Cheeni. And her home is as gorgeous as she is. It is a new construction displaying very contemporary architecture with neat, straight lines. The décor style is largely traditional with a wink of Boho here and there. Her husband, she says, is more into contemporary furnishing because of which her home emerges as a blend of both, mixed beautifully yet exuding their own individual traits.

When I approached Reshma for her home tour, I was inclined to show you the before-after pictures. Many of us have open spaces at home which require ideas for a face lift. Reshma’s home, both at its construction stage and its finished, oh-so-beautiful stage is a storehouse of ideas. It is also a treat for the eyes and a delight for the soul.



“It does take a while to turn a house into a home” –

Oh yes. And some people not only make homes, they make dreams out of bricks and cement. Reshma looks back at her “Dreams-under-construction” days with a lot of affection when her home was growing brick by brick, each corner taking shape and how life was breathed into the lifeless bricks and concrete. She also reflects on how some corners were broken down and reconstructed just because she was not too happy with it. She however also adds, “I also made peace with some things that went wrong but didn’t have the heart to demolish it. I read a quote somewhere that said, ‘Some people look for a beautiful place to live in and some people can make any place look beautiful’”. Indeed. :)


That corner on the terrace which is now a wall with Warli figures painted by the owner is one of my many favourite corners of her house.

warli wall

warli wall 2

And, here are pictures of her balcony and kitchen from scratch to their completeness.



balcony 2

1-011 (3)


Reshma had got their home built from a scratch and not bought a readymade apartment. So a lot of thinking and contemplating went into the construction. Her happiness at the end result shines through every corner of that house.

“Love for the outdoors”-

Reshma has a deep love for the outdoors and this gets reflected in the long hours she spends in her garden. She expresses her love for listening to the birds chirping away, watching the butterflies hovering around and treating the garden as their own, the constant humming of the honey bees as they work laboriously flitting from one flower to another and just looking around soaking in the various colours. The green patches on her balcony and terrace are such delights!

outdoor 1

outdoor 3

outdoor 2

Now that we are done with the ‘behind the scenes’ story and the trailer, I would like to take a day’s break. We will be back again tomorrow with the rest of the story. Stay tuned and don’t go anywhere. This is just the beginning. Picture abhi baaki hai…

[Photographs courtesy: Owner’s own]