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Earth Worth

Thanks to watching our own mothers and grandmother’s diligently saving the kitchen scraps for the garden or collecting every stray bit of paper to be given off to the Raddiwalas, I think as Indians, we grow up with an innate of sense of re-purposing and re-cycling most of the things around us. My mother used to painstakingly save those colorful advertorial inserts in the newspaper and make us do our rough calculation on the back of it (oh how we used hate that!). Even with a high pressure job and three extremely recalcitrant kids she went about doing her unglamorous bit for the earth even when re-cycling was not the latest fad you needed to follow! Because of her efforts, re-cycling wasn’t something new to me as an adult but like that daily tall glass of milk that got replaced by endless cups of teas and coffees, I just fell off the good habit bandwagon without even realizing sometime during those heady days (ahem) of bachelorhood.


But slowly and steadily I think I am taking small steps towards becoming more and more conscious of the choices I am making and their impact on the earth. It gives us so much nary a peep, so it’s only fair that we do our bit and take care of it like it’s our own. I don’t want to become someone who gives advice on how to become more eco-conscious because I myself am not there yet, but we at housedelic wanted to start a new section where we talk about more earth friendly topics. Get your opinion on the matter and bring in some experts of the field to learn what we could better or more. So let’s start today with some of the simplest things that I now religiously follow at my home. You guys probably do those automatically but if not it’s the easiest place to start! And don’t forget to let us know of your own ways to keep our earth clean and green!


  • I have become a stray paper Nazi! We have a dedicated cupboard at home which has become a collection point for all the bits and bobs of paper and nothing, absolutely no piece of paper, goes anywhere but in the recycling pile. 
  • I think we might be fast turning into our Raddiwalas best friend. We give away all the unwanted glass bottles to him even though he barely gives us a Rupee or none at all for those. At least you can be sure the bottles will be recycled and not end up in a garbage lot where it so often shatters and end up hurting a poor garbage collector.
  • We have a simple cloth bag in our car and in my purse at all times. It probably doesn’t look very funky or cool bringing home your brand new iphone in a cloth bag, but considering the reduction in the amount of plastic bags in our home, I will take it!
  • Carrying a bottle of water everywhere. Makes it so easy to say no to water packaged in non-biodegradable plastic every time you are thirsty! I remember reading an article few years ago about a wonderful initiative in Lakakh where shops and restaurants were encouraged to offer refilling the water bottles for tourists to reduce one major ecological concern – the plastic accumulation. I wish we can follow the same principle in our cities!



  • We have started redirecting all our kitchen waste to the new composter unit we made ourselves in the house. We haven’t become very efficient in waste management yet but we are getting there. Let’s see how that pans out. Any tips from longtime composters will be of great help!


So what’s in your green manifesto?