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The Eclectic Home Of Two Travellers

There’s one thing I can guarantee, you will never ever, get bored of visiting Suchi and Kumar’s home in Bangalore. It’s not just the couple’s sunny personality or wry wit that’ll keep you coming back for more, it’s also their home. Tucked away in the quiet and leafy bylanes of Bangalore, every corner of the house is filled with treasures that you just can’t stop exploring. And I am not talking about the usual touristy souvenirs everyone seems to be bringing back these days. The stuff in their home? It’s just different!

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Suchi’s love affair with pre-loved stuff started in Australia, where browsing through flea markets and charity shops was one of her favourite activities. She says the best by-product of that love affair is her stunning center table that she purchased for the princely sum of $30 Australian dollars (about Rs.1700)! After searching for over an year for the perfect table, she fell in love with it the moment she saw someone dropping it of at the charity shop. And within five minutes she was the proud owner of the unique, naturally distressed wood top table. Her love affair hasn’t let up the steam even after shifting to Bangalore, where she says Second to None has been a great resource, and so has Craigslist.

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Many of you would know Suchi as the brains behind the Bangalore Crafts Lovers group on FB, and true to form, her work desk is sure to gladden the heart of every crafter.  She says everything in her house should have a story or fond memory associated with it, if not she makes it a point to regularly sell or donate things she no longer feels an attachment to.

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With lots of cosy, little spaces around the house and tons of interesting books lining the shelves, the temptation to just sit down and open a musty ol’ tome is impossible to resist. And even though Suchi might make you believe other wise, she makes a mean cup of tea, so plop yourself down on that inviting couch with a book & some tea and leave only when they force you to. I promise it’ll be worth it!

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