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Fabulous Finds – The Festive Edition!

We are fully into the spring cleaning mode from this week for the festival season ahead which (ahem!) always translates into wee little updates for the home (please tell us we are not alone!). So who’s up for a little a festival shop-a-thon?

1. Manipuri/Marwadi/Odissi Doll(s)
Wouldn’t it be fun to go beyond the state boundaries for our Golu this year and decorate with these cute little dolls?
2. Gold Bar Pen Drive
Looking for an ‘expensive looking’ gift without being it being expensive for a certain geek in your life? Look no more! We have found the perfect combination of beauty (oooh! gold!) and brains (haha!) for you. 😀
3. I’ll cook, you’ll clean Apron Set
If your other halves our anything like ours, subtle hints don’t work. Strong hints don’t work either. The only way to get things done is to say it out loud! And considering all the cooking that is there in the future for all of us, this apron might be effective in getting the message across loud and clear.
4. Phulkari Shagan Envelopes
Can you imagine how cool you would look carrying this as a clutch/purse to your next party? Impractical maybe but oh so pretty! Okay okay, there are meant to be used as money envelopes but we dare you to part with them without a hole in your heart!
5. Navgrah Chowki
A pretty little addition for you home temple or even as an unusual decor element in the house! Doesn’t it make you want to know more about what the numbers inside? Any vidvans or vidushi’s amongst us who can decipher this?
What’s caught you fancy lately?