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Fabulous Finds – The Secret Santa edition!

Who all is scratching their heads to find the perfect Secret Santa gift around here? While hunting around for the gifts ourselves, we thought it might be fun to find something for each of the typical personality types around every office. So who is ready to go virtual window shopping :-D?
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1. The Playmore Notepad is the perfect gift for that sports crazy colleague, who just won’t shut up about previous day’s dismal performance of the Ethiopian soccer team!

2. Quirky coasters for the neat nut in the office who always complains about your coffee mug leaving a ring on his/her desk.

3. For those who have uber-organised colleagues who come around searching for other desks to clean organise, this Puzzle Stationery Set will keep them occupied for the longest time!

4. What better gift for the colleague who is A.L.W.A.Y.S late for meetings than a funky Salvador Dali inspired clock?

5. Every office has a prankster who we adore. Why not gift these retro Reflective Glasses and double their fun?

6. For the earth loving book-a-holic, what could be nicer than Living Bookmarks embedded with seeds!

So tell us, what did you end up finding in your search for the perfect gift this time around?