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Fabulous Finds!

We don’t know about you, but one of the activities we are most addicted to these days is virtual window shopping. So we thought why not share some of our interesting finds here and spread the joy! No harm in ogling at the eye candy together and petting it through our screens right?





1. Kaavad: Hand-made, hand-painted, good to look at and can be used to tell your grandkids a story someday! What’s not to like?

2. DIY Straws: Perfect accompaniment for rumination! Cool contraption to sip our drinks while contemplating our future as grandparents right?

3. Smile Please Funnel Planter: Could probably DIY this very easily! Another addition to our never ending ‘to be DIY-ed’ list!

4. Xylem Paper Table: Does anyone know if this thing can actually work as a coffee table?!

5. Hammer Paper Weight: Another easy DIY to get some chuckles at your next dinner party.

6. Chameli Cushion Cover: Too cute to let this one pass!