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A French Maison in Bangalore

Forgive my cliché riddled brain and technicolor loving heart but when I first heard about Suba’s home done up in various shades of white, I was skeptical. White surroundings have always given me the reason to believe that such spaces are cold and sterile, but this house was anything but! Entering into her home is like stepping into a peaceful and oh-so-inviting sanctuary, where all you ever want to do is take a deep breath, plop yourself down on the nearest surface and never leave.






Living in a leafy neighborhood of Bangalore with her husband and a daughter, Suba is a fitness instructor and runs a successful fitness studio – The Core Method. A firm believer in fitness being a state of mind, she is an enthusiastic proponent of ‘love where you live and it will show in your body’. Looking at her and her stunning home, I was truly convinced!




Considering Suba is currently living in a rental, the amount of love and care she has put into making the place reflect her own warm personality is truly inspiring. An expert DIY-er and bargain hunter, Suba has this impressive knack for making inexpensive things look supremely beautiful and worth a pretty penny. She is not afraid of venturing into wholesale markets if she thinks she can find something there, that suits her needs. Like Preethijuagaad could very well have been her middle name! The chandelier below is one of such rescue projects; she and her husband lovingly restored it themselves after picking it up in a pretty rundown state.



Ask her about what she loves about her home the most and she unequivocally says “it’s white!”. She categorically states that contrary to what everyone believes, white is easier to maintain. And, for her changing the mood of her home is as simple as replacing few red cushions with floral or blue ones without going the whole distance!





All around her well edited home is the evidence of her continuing love affair with antique furniture and artifacts. She says she loves bringing home objects that have some interesting history to tell. Not one to fall for shiny and brightly packaged goods sitting pretty on shelves, her opinion is that hunting for something is half the fun of decorating! Given enough money, she says she will probably splurge on shipping all the furniture back from her old house in Sri Lanka.



At the beginning of our visit, Suba had mentioned her style being ‘relaxed with slight French influence’. I dont know about the French part, but I was definitely feeling very relaxed by the end of my stay! I wish we had remembered to take the photo of the Romeo and Juliet-esque balcony over-looking the living room in their duplex. Suba has turned that little space into their home office cum library. We were too busy enacting the scene to actually remember to do trivial things like taking photos by the time we reached there! But then, that gives me a valid reason to go visit her home once again, doesn’t it?