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Friday Fresh.

The one thing that you can never ever go wrong with at home is fresh flowers. Period. Keep a single bud, bunch them, float them or separate the petals, it’s one of the easiest, fool-proof ways to brighten up your space and mood.

indian flower decoration, urli gerbera, floating flowers

My long-standing dream has been to live close to the wholesale flower market so I could get truck loads of flowers for a bargain price. You see you can never take the Indian-ness out of an Indian, we are capable of striking a bargain where there is none :).


Until the time I can move closer to the wholesale market, I will have to manage with the local florist. I generally have a budget and pick up flowers that catch my fancy on that day. Some days I just pick up a big bunch of fillers. Tell the florist right away that they are for home; you do not want to be stuck with that funny plastic wrap they put, week after week. I get the florist to pack them in some newspaper with some extra fillers (I saved his money by skipping the plastic wrap, you know, and went green!)


Back home, I bring out everything that I want the flowers to go into. Vases, bowls for floating, coffee mug, tea-pot, anything! The best thing is, there are no set rules when it comes to decorating with flowers, use whatever you feel is beautiful and makes the flowers look beautiful. The easiest trick in the book is to bunch similar flowers together, gives them an air of sophistication, I think.

indian flower decoration arrangement, roses in teapot, roses in brass vessel

Once the flowers are distributed into different containers, they are ready to go to different corners of your home. Again, no rules. If you think it will catch your eye, go for it! Tadaaaa… Now stop and look around. Do you smell the roses?

roses in brass urli, indian flower arrangement, red roses

Flowers are happiness personified, so whether you get a single stem or a bunch, just make sure you enjoy it’s beauty.