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Gift Wrapping – The Green Crusader way

Recently I visited a friend who is a strong follower of the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore” principle. She is one of those few people I have seen, who believes in what she does, practices what she preaches and leads by example.

So for her little ones first birthday, the return gifts were wrapped in newspaper and then tied with this pretty home made gift wrapping string. Here is what she did to make it.

1. Pulled out an old saree that was no longer usable. The more colorful the saree, the better it looks.
2. Cut half-inch wide strips from the length of the saree.
3. Dipped them in cold water and squeezed them out.

4. Wrapped it around the fingers while tightly twisting it to make a cord. The water makes sure the twist stays intact and you don’t hurt your fingers.
5. Let them dry.
6. Once dry, tie it around the wrapped gift, any way you want. Sweet, isnt it.

I was quite surprised to see how effortlessly and confidently she went about making them, in spite of the fact that she had never done it before. There sure are some super creative people in the world :).