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The Godly kind of Art!

My earliest memories of my paternal grandmother’s home is of one wall fully covered with calendars, depicting the entire pantheon of Gods and Goddess. I think that probably is where my love affair with colors started, dazzling me with its bright hues and tones. Reading about Subhash’s very interesting take on Art, I was immediately reminded of those calendars that were usually a part of every house and used to enjoy a prime position in those years. Perhaps, the sub-textual purpose was to deter us unruly kids from going on a rampage and being on our best behavior!



With India becoming synonymous with Kitsch (!), these old calendars and even vintage lithographs are popping up every now and then in all the latest style bibles as the latest ‘IT’ thing. It is so cool to think my Grandmother was so far ahead of times in her decorating decisions :-P, what with her predilection to Kitsch and whatnot! I am very seriously contemplating, taking a leaf out of her book and finding a wall in my home for all the old lithographs I have been collecting.





Taking inspiration from these images, I don’t think they will look too out-of-place in my home. Worth a shot, right? Do you have a fascination for these vintage mythological posters? Or am I the only loon around these parts?
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