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Holi Kab Hai ? Kab Hai HOLI ???

You know what brought this on, don’t you? Getting to watch Sholay in a theater. Gabbar on big screen! Basanti dancing in front of those… well, you get the point :-D. We can gleefully cross that off our bucket list!

So in the honour of our favourite film of all times (iss kahaani mein action hai, emotion hai, drama hai, tragedy hai, after all), we decided to do a round up of all the funky Sholay merchandise available for the other Sholay-holics around here. Kitnay aaddmi thay hain?

And considering mujhe humme befazool baat karne ki aadat to hai nahin, today we shall talk less and show more :-P.
Couldn’t stop chuckling over these clever minimilistic Sholay posters depicting the cast and crew of Sholay. They are worthy of being heirlooms! Find them here.
You know you want them :-P. Find them here and here
Find these quirky movie related kinck-knacks here, here and here

PS – We are not perked or paid for sharing these links, no ‘bahut yaaraana lagta hai‘ relation with these retailers/artists. We are crazy mad about fun stuff like this and love sharing the loot with the rest of you :D. Hamaara naam Soorma Bhopali Housedelics aise hi nahin hai!