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Home is where the art is…

I have never met Ananya Di in person. But I have known her for almost a decade now. And if you have known her, you are bound to love her. What attracted me to her was her impeccable sense of aesthetics. It gets reflected in everything that is hers…be it her persona, her style, her home or the way she gives life to her thoughts in words. This reminds me, I should first properly introduce her to you. Ananya Mukherjee is an acclaimed writer, theatre artiste, trained dancer and most importantly a wonderful human being.


It is always a pleasure to peep into her apartment virtually and stare at everything around. Her current home is in Singapore where she lives with her husband, Swarup, their daughter, Sampoorna and the Son, Sir Ceasar Wagsalot.

Each and every wall of her home, every nook and corner has an identity of its own yet each of them exudes the personality and soul of the inhabitants. The word that came to my mind when I saw Ananya Di’s house for the first time was ‘warmth’.

Masks Wall living room
Like the owner, her walls too are multi-face-ted.  A huge collection of masks collected over the years from remote locations all over the world adorn her house. So do the unusually beautiful musical instruments. Of all the collectibles that flaunt her ownership over them, the one that Ananya Di herself feels most proud about is a sketch of a woman in silver chasing a moon. Her grandfather’s art work is about a century old and is a treasured heirloom.

Alongside the masks, she also has an entire wall dedicated to faces- those of two very beautiful women who share the greatest bond on earth- that of mother and daughter.

When I asked her about the theme that best describes her interiors, her response was, “an amalgamation of rustic and tribal”. Indeed, it is that very essence of raw earthiness that exudes from all over her home.  The wooden artefacts, the Kantha table runner, the cane-crafted sitting arrangement and the mirror-work hand fan are all expressions of her love for indigenous arts and crafts. No wonder, her favourite shopping destinations lie in the remotest corners of India and West Africa. In addition to that, however, the owner also points out that nothing forming a part of the décor has ever dug a hole in her pocket. “It’s a modest decor with collectibles that matched the theme and I have collected over the years”, she says.

The natural light, the dark floors, soft toned walls and pale ceilings at her abodecreate magic. “It replicates the way nature is,” she points out. “Would you have a bright magenta sky???” :)

I agree. I totally advocate a décor which is in sync with all things natural. To add to its life, a dash of green here and there is always refreshing.

Ananya Di pointed out something really interesting while narrating to me her own mantra of having a beautiful home. “Do not clutter it all in the living room just for the guests to see. A well done bed room or a kitchen or restroom too can be quite a delight.” Again, she left no room for disagreement. There are many who turn their living rooms into museums hoarding stuff just because they are ‘in’- things that they don’t or can’t relate to, yet want to flaunt to the whole world.

Ananya Di’s house is a striking example of a home that lives and breathes. It radiates the warmth of its owner. Every corner, every wall radiates the beauty of the very artistic soul that lives here. ‘Ananya’ derives its origin from Sanskrit, which when translated means ‘unique’.

The same holds true for her home too.