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A home full of stories…

… of present and past. Lovely little stories woven into every bric-a-brac that graces Arthi Anand‘s home shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering she is a well known name in children’s literature and storyteller extraordinaire. The spacious flat that she shares with her husband, parents and two very gregarious & enchanting young ladies is full of sentimental tchotchkes, some bought during their travels and some passed down through the generations.
The hall in parts
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A collector at heart, a trait she says she inherited from her parents, she has an enviable collection unusual Ganeshas, masks, kettles, and thimbles that the family keeps adding to as and when they find something utterly unique. I found her collection of old camera’s (one of which was her father’s grandfather’s!) absolutely fascinating, especially since Anand uncle, Arthi’s father patiently explained the ins and outs of each of them.
Money can’t buy you happiness, nor can it buy the lovingly made paintings that adorn most of Arthi’s wall. Some they added to their collection themselves but most have been gifted to the lucky couple by people near and dear them. Can’t put a price on that, can you?
Arthi says growing up they moved around a quite a lot, but still every house was turned into a beautiful and warm home by her parents. So much so that their friends nicknamed their home – Anand Music House and Rajam Vilas since there was always music and food in abundance. And that is what set the bar very high for her, it’s not just about how pretty her home looks, what matters more to her is the memories that her daughters can look back fondly upon.
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Being avid travelers and craft lovers, every travel is documented by the way of some lovely craft of the region that the family brings back. So, if you want a crash course in the art and craft of the country, we suggest you beg for an invite to Arthi’s home without any delay and wrangle one for us too ;-)!