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Poonam Sehrawat | Indisplash

When inspiration arises from the weaves, every fiber and color finds a place in a work of art; Indian textiles and crafts find a whole new meaning.

Upcycled Handpainted Bottles
Poonam Sehrawat, the lady behind Indisplash is a fashion designer with eight years of experience in the garment industry. Extremely passionate about Indian arts & crafts, she had always wanted to start or create something of her own. What started as a hobby, has now turned into Indisplash thanks to the encouragement of her family and friends and currently reaches out to many more who share her passion for one of a kind “Hand Crafted” products for their well curated homes. Indisplash endeavors to bring back the richness and vibrancy of Indian arts and textiles through unique, hand crafted lamps, vases and other home décor products.

Handpainted Kathakalli Lamp
Today, she specializes in intricate hand painted home décor articles, a journey that began by sprucing up and giving wings to her imagination with little things at home. Painting on seemingly humble surfaces like glass, terracotta and even metal, she tries to incorporate varied art forms like Madhubani, Warli, Kalamkari to create statement pieces that will definitely be the owner’s pride and neighbor’s envy. She has even managed to weave in Kutchi and Baluchuri embroidery motifs to tell amazing stories through her creations, that are not only beautiful but create awareness about the rich legacy of Indian culture. She promptly dwells upon the importance of promoting art and craft at every opportune moment and says that the artists who do so and are reviving old art and craft are her favorites.

Handpainted Budha Lamp

Utilizing used and discarded objects like glass bottles or tin boxes she creates amazing works of art but her first most intricate work, the royal bottle lamp remains her favorite to date. Thanks to Poonam, up-cycling has never looked more glamorous! She says that art promotion is done across platforms like websites, Facebook pages and exhibitions and they are great connecting points for both the art and the artists.

She recently finished a customized order for a set of four crockery units, inspired from Indian Inlay work. It took her one month to create this show stopper and unless you look closely it is impossible tell that the unit is hand painted, such is the attention to detail and absolute finesse!

You can mail her at info@indisplash.com or check out her fabulous Facebook page, for that perfect splash of color.

So, add more vibrancy, more colour, more glitter to your lives the ‘indisplash’ way!