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Let’s takeover a makeover!

Aah! Life and its frenzy…..

Waking up, brushing up, decking up and rushing up day after day makes it humdrum for us all isn’t it? It often gets boring sporting the same look, putting on the same deo, doing up the same hair and the same L-i-f-e. Duh!

But how great does it feels when you hit a quick vacation, get a new hairdo or get yourself a therapeutic spa. So while slugging it out on your couch on a Sunday morning sipping your usual cuppa chai and akhbaar, look around and try to hear what your walls want to say…yes! You heard it right, like you do, they need it too. A Makeover!


Trust me on this, giving your home a makeover would make you feel great and a thousand times more elated than getting yourself a new haircut; you don’t see the mirror every hour of the day but you do look around at your place as much as you look  at yourself. Agreed?

We tend to ignore it, but you need to admit that a new house and a corking decor brings in good mood and a lot more positive vibe and energy in you and your family. It’s like getting the feel of a new domicile without even moving an inch outside your orbit.

Come’on now! It’s not necessary you need to throw your old furniture out on OLX and spend copiously on getting the new lucullan Biedermeier. All you need is a little time, creativity and a whole lot of hearts for your home. You do not necessarily need to spend too much to bring this thought into action! If you would like to start with a little homework and have time on your hand you can check the DIY tips and look out for inspirations on the web. My saviour is mostly Pinterest for all such enlightenment activities and of course my daily dose of stalking on my favourite decor blogs. So here are some of my favourite tips and tricks for a quick makeover!
Splash it!

First and foremost try to colour the house in a quirky hue. Oh! Yes! You are allowed to break the yellow ochre cult. Try painting just one wall of the living or the bedroom, give it a fancy name and call it the studio wall. You can experiment with some offbeat colours like Crimson Red, Cobalt Blue, Tangerine. On my mind right now is the ‘Fuchsia Pink’…explore more as per your wish, but make sure it kicks out loud.



Move and Improve!

Change the regular way you keep your furniture. It’s not necessary to have that old big space eating sofa, experiment with a low floor seating arrangement; like those of morocco patios? Anyone as crazy about them as I am?

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Alter the upholstery; you can use bedcovers you don’t often use. Get bold colours, mixed prints on curtains & layered art. Make sure you play with colours. Bring in cushions of all shape, colour, kind and style. Try adding few kitschy ones to get a boho vibe.

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Go Green!

At times changing and bring in plants can do the trick too. Bring in the season’s best from the nearby nursery and paint the pots bright and peppy. For a dramatic effect, find an old dried big stem, if you have the energy still effulgent, paint it gold or silver, or if you feel you’ve had enough for the day leave it raw, place it cautiously in a small mouthed mud vase in a corner of your house and witness the magic yourself.

Wake up to Makeup!

Buy a tin of Acrylic paint of your choice and try colouring the old boring brown furniture all by yourself at home. I painted all my wrought iron chairs and an old doctor’s lamp turquoise blue and they look as if they were brought off from a French auction house!



Nail it!

Change the pattern of the paintings and pictures nailed on the wall, if they were organised earlier make them clustered or vice-versa.


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And remember! It’s your home and it should tell your story. So put in that personal touch and start with these baby steps to see the transformation unfold.:

  • Get rid of the unwanted things from your home. De-clutter and breathe light!
  • Keep your taste in mind before you spring for any purchases, it’s your house and it should purely reflect your personality, not any passing fad. If you are fond of music bring in an old gramophone or a classic guitar and simply use it as a decor piece. You can find old, used, non-working pieces in garage sales and thrift shops at reasonable rates.
  • Keep your nest neat and clean. Use incense sticks and aroma lamps to keep the environment pure and serene.
  • Work on the lighting, don’t be a tube light! Light from softly glowing lamps have a different kind of beauty. I personally prefer yellow lights over CFLs and they look lovely!

After all this labour and hard work it’s payback time; call your friends over for a house party, revel in their reactions and bask in all the glorious praises ;)!

A kind contribution from Mamta Sharma Das for Housedelic.