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Living in the moment!

I must have been about 8 when I saw this really (really!) beautiful Ganesha idol that I fell in love with. I quickly got my mother’s attention and told her I wanted to buy it. She took one look at it, turned to me and said “when we have our own house, we will buy it”. That was my first encounter with the ‘when we have our own house..’ sentiment!
living in the moment key to happiness indian home decor blog
Over the years, I have heard so many people use more or less the same line. ‘When we have our own house, we will do this’, ‘when we have our own house, we will buy that’. As Indians, we have this absurd habit of living in the future. When I buy a house.., when I get a job.., when I get married.., wait a minute!! All those who have seen tomorrow, raise your hands! Anyone? No?

We bought our first home when I was about 13. I would collect home decor ideas (I started early!) from newspaper, magazines and just about anywhere so that I could decorate the new house. Once we moved in and were settled in, I started pitching those ideas to my parents just to realize that we did not have the budget for decorating. Can you imagine how disappointing that would have been to a starry 13 year old? I waited endlessly for a budget approval! Very soon, Dad started getting our ancestral house fixed and building a new portion. And before we knew it, we were moving to our ancestral house and I had to start all over again. That’s when I decided, who cares for a budget, I am going to do what I can. The jugaad part of my brain started working overtime.
living in the moment key to happiness indian home decor blog
My room at home, my hostel room and the paying guest accommodation always looked pretty. Different from other rooms’ because of all the pretty little things I had decorated it with. The funny line started popping up again after I found a job and moved into a rented apartment. “When you buy your own house, decorate it the way you want!” I was in my early twenties, and I was forced to think again. I dint know when I was going to have my own house, so am I going to live in a bare, artless house that’s not the least bit welcoming even if temporarily? Assuming it will take 10 years, am I willing to live three thousand six hundred and fifty days without being surrounded by beautiful things that I love? The answer was a big NO!
living in the moment key to happiness indian home decor blog
This thing of postponing joy is not my cup of tea. Who knows what’s in-store for us tomorrow and why live there?  We need to train ourselves to live for today. If you’ve always wanted to live in a beautiful house, make it happen, irrespective of whether it’s your own, rented or leased. The joy of living every moment will transform life into a happy life time!

So go ahead and buy that little rug you’ve always wanted, make that reading nook happen and most important of all, don’t forget to enjoy them every day.