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Man-cave Must-haves!

We believe in absolute equality. So, when we heard hushed murmurs about male population being under-represented on Housedelic, we decided to rectify that ASAP. We can’t have Gerad Butler (go on, we can wait) complaining about us not helping him with his decor dilemmas! So dear beholders of the XY chromosomes, lets start with some amazing finds from the interweb to jazz up the your digs.

Keep Calm Cushion: If all the husband and wife jokes are to be believed, this one is the Ultimate Truth. If only you men actually followed this…!

Bollywood Villains: For those of you who like keeping up the Bad Boy appearance 😛 .

Drinking Roulette Bar Game: Ummm, don’t you think we ‘ladeej’ would like to have this one for ourselves as well!

Traffic Light Lamp: This one is to remind everyone that cars and bikes are your one true love. Wives and girlfriends? A close distant second.

Moustache Raja Poster: Let the world know that ‘mooch nahi to kuch nahi’ 😛 !

Brunel Display Shelf: It’s rugged but stylish. Trust us that’s how we generally like our men too 😉 .
PS – We are not perked or paid for sharing these links, no ‘bahut yaaraana lagta hai‘ relation with these retailers. We are crazy mad about fun stuff like this and love sharing the loot with the rest of you 😀 . Hamaara naam Soorma Bhopali Housedelics aise hi nahin hai!