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Meri Christmas…

Christmas is here! When the streets, shopping malls, cake shops are all busy painting the town red and green, I mentally joined hands with them. Being the ardent DIY-er that I am, this year, I decided to decorate home with handmade Christmas ornaments. While Pinterest lent dollops of thoughts, on which I improvised, some remain my original ideas. Here are some of them :-
1. Snowmanship:

All you need:

Bottle caps, buttons of various sizes and colours, embroidery threads, ribbons. (Since glue and scissors are common to almost all the decorations, I shall not be repetitive)


How to do it:

Cut the desired length from the ribbon and make a loop by folding the top. With glue, stick the bottle caps and the buttons (as the case may be). Decorate the snowman with small buttons and thread-mufflers. For the eyes and lips, use bindis. (The Maharastrian bindis drew big grins on my little snow men’s faces). 😀



2. Have you any wool?:-

All you need:

Balls of wool, old decorative balls (which have become dull over years of use), toothpicks, foam balls.


How to do it:

It’s time those old Christmas decorations get a new makeover. Wrap them in wool and tuck in the toothpick – knitting needles. Let your Christmas tree have a ball of a time!


3. Wreath gata chal….

All you need:

Old bangles, left over fabric (befriend your tailor; he will oblige), decorative bells.


How to do it:

Wrap the bangles with the remnants of a stranger’s dress material. Go Indian; use Bagru, Kalamkari or Ajrak prints. Once the bangles are all dressed up, put some ornaments on them. See, how lovely they look!



4. English Babu, Desi Mem:

All you need:

Beer bottles, balls of wool, left over fabric, buttons for decoration.


How to do it:

Have you ever realised how cold the beer bottles feel…just because we human beings like to consume beer chilled? It’s time you make up for it. Wrap the man in wool, button his tri-colour sweater, put the braided muffler around its neck and your beer-man is ready to party!

Let the woman go desi. Make her wear printed fabrics, tie her scarf stylishly and make her stand next to her man. See, what a lovely couple they make.

Coming up tomorrow – last minute help for dressing up your Christmas presents like a pro!

PS: These stunts were done by a non-professional. Do try these at home 😀

Wish you all a very merry Christmas!!!