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Mesmerizing India


“Sun, Sand, Wind, Kites, Lanterns and a riot of Colour.
I allowed myself to think, only of Rajasthan.

My work on the “Mesmerizing India” series*** was coming to an end. I needed one more mini series.

Pea 4 copy
Everyday India inspirers me, it is most fascinating.

The clay “Diyas” care-crafted by hand, the nostalgia inducing kerosine lanterns that we weren’t allowed to play with.

The mystic and holy Lotus, and I remembered standing awestruck at the Taj!

The royals of Rajasthan captured ever so gracefully in their miniature paintings.

I needed one more. One more “Wonder” to give my story, the right ending.

551_1 (1)

Suddenly it struck me, Peacocks! And then, I allowed myself to think, only of Rajasthan.

The Magnificent Java Green peacock! What a perfect end to my journey.

With Nobility, Guidance and Protection, they are the guardians of the Gates of Paradise. And for Hindus all around the world, they represent Good Luck, Wealth, Compassion and Perseverance.

And if legends are to be believed, they also symbolize Immortality and Renewal.

Peacock Java
***Series of Pattern Papers designed exclusively for Craftslane by me, the first of its kind in India and a journey in Rediscovering India for me.

ps: Housedelic has not been paid or perked by Craftslane for this feature. Divya has worked with company in her professional capacity but wanted to share the creative process behind designing this spectacular series. Also, can we please mention how MESMERISED we are with Divya’s talent!

A kind contribution by Divya Thallap for Housedelic.