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Mirror Mirror In My House

It’s that time of the year again when the weather is so unpredictable that it ends up showing on your face! No, I mean really! It almost makes checking yourself out on the trusty old mirror worth the while, till you start wishing there was a mirror in every corner of the room! I am sure all you lovely ladies reading this will agree with me! Anyways having said that, I thought I would do an article on how we can purposefully and strategically use mirrors to enhance our living space (without appearing narcissistic of course!)



Mirrors are quite fun pieces to play with when it comes to decorating our homes – they are flexible, come in all shapes and sizes and colours and fit every budget. Just place it in your favourite frame or stick onto the surface of your cabinets, walls and practically any plain surface and you are good to go!

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One of the greatest advantages mirrors have is to make small and cramped spaces look bigger, and I feel there could be no better way to achieve this with many of us living in small city apartments these days.



Another thing you could do, especially if you have a room where there isn’t a lot of natural light, is use a mirror on the opposite wall to that of the light source, in order to reflect the light and make the room look brighter. This can well be the main decor piece and works very well with a nice antique wooden frame or even a sleek modern one, depending on your taste and decor. Place a sleek console table below with a vase and you have focal point in your room.  I find this trick works really well in tight corridors or hallways, and to be honest, who wouldn’t want to check themselves out quickly before we step out that door?

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Living in a rented apartment and worried about drilling too many holes? Use free standing mirrors – check your local antique furniture store or even get your carpenter to make one for you!



Few words of caution that always need to be kept in mind while using mirrors: 
#  Make sure the mirror is well fixed/secured specially if you have children at home. 
#  Always check the thickness of the mirror you are planning to use if it’s a large piece and check with your supplier and framing shop as to what size the frame will hold up. It is always a good idea to choose your frame first and then buy your mirror, and often your framing guy will even buy the mirror for you if you ask nicely.

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#  In case you are using frameless mirrors, (these are often stuck to surfaces with a specialised industrial tape by 3M or placed on the wall with studs), make sure the edges are neatly buffed to avoid any mishaps.

So go ahead, drop your fears, and explore the world of mirrors. They bring a whole lot of life and lightness into our living spaces and make our rooms look much bigger than they really are! All this for not too much money spent, and you never know there might even be a slight chance that your family starts getting ready quicker that they usually do (or maybe not!!!) Well it’s a risk worth taking anyway, after all its all about illusion, isn’t it?
A kind contribution from Puja Basu for Housedelic!