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Of Nostalgia and Urbanity

Haven’t we all noticed a visible shift in our tastes over the past few years in terms of our living styles, tastes and priorities? This, of course has had a strong effect on the way we express ourselves! We, as the modern day Indians have learnt to express ourselves not just through our words or behavior, but through our clothing, accessories and even home décor. There has been a noticeable simplification going on in the styles of our home décor. With the heavy, difficult to manage, luxurious and traditional grand pieces of our heritage making way for sleek, minimalistic, practical and modern, we see a quick shift in the way we now look to “do up” the spaces around us.
There is an entire section of people that loves the havelis and jharokhas of the golden era gone by and would not hesitate to bring them right into their homes. Let’s face it, there is a part in all of us that wishes to, but practicalities and the busy lives that we lead restrict us so. But the humungous jharokhas, the intricate jaalis and the beautiful carved pillars is not all that traditional décor is about. There is an entire genre of Urbane Rustica developing to cater to our demanding palate and the growing appetite of such. The new age decorator or home owner brings in an element of her/his own identity in the décor that they choose for their homes, and we see more and more people consciously opting for a beautiful harmonious mélange of Tradition with Urbane.
However, in doing so there is a big risk of going overboard where the well thought out, blends goes a little out of proportion and might end up being kitschy. When kitsch goes out of hand, it can really bring embarrassment and a sense of almost disaster to the space. Although, by keeping few simple points in mind while decorating we can avoid the catastrophe and create a unique and harmonic balance!


Create little corners in a bigger space with heavy accents of bold, rich, traditional pieces and balance the rest of the space with knick knacks to tie the whole look. For example create a seating space like a chaise lounge chair with a backdrop of traditional handicrafts and paintings, a hoard of ornate printed rich cushions and a bright throw on it. A beautiful woven rug with geometric patterns. But take care that the rest of the room is done in a sleek, minimalist style with occasional splash of maybe a flashy coaster or a mirror work flower vase thereby maintaining a balance.



In your bedroom, bring in a bit of kitsch and enhance it with some small hints, while keeping the rest of the room clean & tasteful. For example here we have a kitsch inspired painting of Lord Vishnu, and a whole lot of cushions that borrow colors from the painting, while the rest of the room is stark and clean.



The ornate wallpaper here looks gorgeous, as it is enhanced by putting up furniture that is simplistic and in stark contrast with the wallpaper, while still borrowing colors from it!



This is a beautiful example of an eclectic blend of cultures, the bold geometric patterns in the woven cushion and the rug, the gorgeous mirror work on the throw and the contemporary pieces on the walls, the modernistic chair all weave together a perfect harmony and create an interesting room with a lot of character.



The exquisite carving on the chairs speak as much of traditional India as the cushions talk of an Eastern European influence, but they marry together and bring in a new identity to the room without one overpowering the other.With these examples in mind, you are sure to develop your own style of home décor and we hope you can find a unique Urbane Rustica to call your own!

A kind contribution from Snigdha Ghosh Roy for Housedelic.