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Ornaments, ornaments everywhere…

and not a single one we saw was lovely enough for our tree! Seriously though, aren’t you tired of what passes of as Christmas ornaments these days? Cheap plastic, peeling paint and some ferocious looking Santa’s! If you have been searching for some pretty trinkets to deck up your tree, send a silent prayer for these lovely ladies and their amazing handcrafted creations that we are about to share with you. Made with love and care, their Christmas ornaments are bound to become the prima donna’s of your treasured collection.

So, how about you sprucing up you Christmas tree with these cute felt ornaments from Rainbow Bunting?
handmade felt christmas ornament
Catch the winter sun with Glasshopper’s stained glass creations and let your home be filled with colour and joy!
stained glass christmas ornament handmade
Or would you rather find a place on your tree for the snowman who felt cold the moment he came out of Nirmala’s kiln?
handmade glass christmas ornament
How about adorning your tree with this adorable curly beard-ed Santa patiently created by She Creaciones out of paper!
handmade paper quilled christmas ornament
Or are you guys going rogue and making your own ornaments this Christmas? If that be true, do share your loot!