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Peeping into a Parsi Home

Spontaneous, insane and crazy have been my middle names for as far as I can remember. And I am at my spontaneous best when I’m traveling or visiting a friend. I remember once, I saw a vintage thumbs up bottle in a chai shop and I told my friend that I wont budge unless it was mine. Another time, I saw a beautiful heritage villa, walked right in, told the elderly gentleman sitting outside that he had a very pretty place. My sister, who was with me, was sure he was going to call the police, and she was shocked when he was happy to show me around. I sometimes sympathise with my friends for having to go through such things :D.
So this time when I was in Pune, I had a new demand. I wanted to explore a Parsi home. I gave my friend no time to think or make an appointment and we landed at the doorstep of his 90 year old neighbour.
I had heard that the Parsi community was one of the few that were very passionate about their history and things handed down to them. The 90 year old sweetheart was surprised to see two brightly smiling unannounced guests, but was thrilled to have us. It turned out to be the most wonderful evening. It was a reunion of people who are passionate about their homes, and were happily discussing stories behind every detail. Want to see some snapshots from that lovely home?
miniature silver tea set

Miniature Silver Tea-set

Antique Vinegar bottles

Antique Vinegar Bottles

Micro thumbs up bottle

Micro Thumbs-up Bottle

Now I know I am not the only crazy one around these parts, most of you would have crazy stories to share too. Come on! Out with it..