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Philatelically Yours!

For those typical first year college ‘intros’, the most effective way I found for escaping the usual edicts from seniors was by declaring my passion for Philately. That usually got me out of the usual dancing and singing routines that generally accompanied my other classmate’s description of their hobbies. A good thing too, since my singing and dancing would have left those seniors traumatised for life!
Indian stamps vintage Dance Series

Dances of India, Issued by India Post in October 1975

But I honestly do like stamps and if you include my mother and my husband’s collection, we have accumulated quite a sizeable amount of stamps from all over the world with some dating as far back as early 1900s. Some are round, some octagonal, few triangular and all of them so beautifully illustrated, they look like works of art! Oh, the many days we used to spend on bargaining and trading with other friends who had a relatives in some obscure country, just because we had none from that part of the world! Unfortunately, all those memories and stamps are being stored in boxes and file sleeves now, unloved, unseen and unappreciated! So this year, I have decided to get them out of those musty memory laden boxes and put them out where I can see them out everyday.

To be honest, if you want to preserve the stamps and still have them out in the open, the only way is to display them in glass fronted frames. Trusty old Google and Pinterest threw out a lot of inspiration about the ways you can frame them. One of them is a simple cork-board backed display to let your stamps take the center stage, while providing a nice bit of contrast.


Another lovely option is to go monochrome! How beautiful does this indigo stamp collection look?


Or maybe the following the colors of rainbow is a fitting tribute to the multi-hued world of stamps.


Making a Stamp monogram perhaps? I think it would work for people whose names start with E, F, I, H, L and T (me! me!), because who is going to chop of a lovely old stamp for the rest?!


There are lot more ways the creative people of the world have used some lovely stamp collections like the decoupaged photo-frame or the stamp art, but I don’t want to just make something pretty that only I can enjoy, I would rather preserve my collection for someone who loves it just as much. Well, different folks, different strokes!

Mosaic Framesource

Anyone amongst you who still collects stamps? I know snail mail is passe and this probably sounds like the hobby of dinosaurs, but if any one of you is interested, India Post actually encourages people to join its Philately Club and sends out a lot of information about new stamp releases and the artist, history behind each of one of them.