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Putting The Mer(i)ry Back In Christmas!

Are you guys all ready with milk and cookies for Santa’s visit tonight? If you would like to assist Santa with some last minute help in dressing up those coveted Christmas presents, let us show you some quick and easy ideas for gift tags, greeting cards and gift-wrapping decoratives. 

Presents Please!

All you need:

Tea doilies, old wedding cards, marker pen, abrasive utensil-cleaning pads, cinnamon sticks, toothpick, pom-poms and bindis.
– Santa gift-tags:

Fold the tea doilies into halves. The beard is made. (This is where you write the name of the receiver of your gift). Now cut the Santa’s face and cap, stick all the three parts with each other (like the picture below), draw the eyes, make the nose with a bindi and your Santa gift tag is ready! You can also stick them on chart papers and make greetings cards.
– Christmas tree:
Cut the cleaning pads into thin rectangular pieces of diminishing sizes, place them one after another, stick them, add the cinnamon stick-tree trunk and decorate your tree with red bindis.  The simplest greetings card one can make!
Also, cut smaller pieces, tuck them in toothpicks and put a pom-pom ball each on the top. Being in dearth of wrapping papers, I had wrapped a gift with an old newspaper. These little lovelies saved the drab look with a dash of colour.

Mistress of spices:

You know it’s Christmas when the fragrance of just baked cakes and cookies indolent with spices makes you all warm and gooey! So why not increase the pleasure manifold by making a spice laden Christmas tree to complete the full sensory enjoyment?

All you need:

Bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, Star anise and old cards.

How to do it:

Cut the paper into your desired size and fold it into a cone. Tie the cinnamon stick with a string and pull the string from the top of the cone so that the tree when done, can be hung. Cover the cone by sticking bay leaves all over. Put the star shaped aniseed on the top. Your hanging Christmas tree is ready.
Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!!!