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The Home with a Wall of (he)Art

I think the best way to begin the home tour we are about to go on today, would be to introduce the two ‘characters’ that live here, and trust me, I do not choose that word lightly 😉 . These two make one hell of a riotous couple, and could not have been more different from one another other if they tried with all their might. The perfect casting coup for anyone making their next rom-com. So, here it goes.

Alvito is the owner and founder of a Web Design Studio, Allyscope, and is also an avid music lover. He ran Shamrock, a pub in Goa famous for its karaoke and has also been an in-house DJ in Hard Rock Cafe, Pune. Marsha is an Instructional Designer employed in the e-Learning industry,  who loves to read, eat and cook, mostly in the same order :) . Her dream is to open and run a Grill Kitchen some time in the future and has recently launched The Chill Grill website (best not read on empty stomach) where she shares her tried and tested recipes. Oh, and her rum fruitcake? That alone is a very compelling reason for you to apply ASAP to become her BFF.

Now that we know our cast of characters, let’s take a look at a wall in the next picture, shall we?

Pretty dang awesome right?

Nicknamed ‘The Wall’, it was originally Alvito’s idea. “The Wall tells the story of our lives- the things we love and the things that make us, us. We fed the idea, through key words, to a common friend of ours, who is an artist by profession, and voila, a week later, The Wall was born,” says Marsha. To further personalize the space, they called over their respective families to brunch one day and had them stamp their palm prints on the entrance doorway to the home, which by the way, also includes their four legged family member’s print. Isn’t that the sweetest little paw print you ever saw?! ♥

Taking the time to do up the home is one thing the couple staunchly believes in- their home is a collection of things they’ve loved, places they’ve visited and the people in their lives. It is evolving slowly, as are they and the outcome today reflects the two of them and their individual styles beautifully blended into one. They say they love this current experience as much as they did living in their former bare-‘cept-for-a-bed-and-a-fridge roomie-style bachelor pad. Such a lovely reminder to enjoy what you have at present and not let the wait for the perfect home frustrate you!

Their shopping mantra is very simple and effective. They pick up anything they fall in love with, but it has to be rare and of good quality, and not exorbitantly expensive. A perfect checklist that prevents them from accumulating clutter. Shopping from quaint local stores and fairs, they loving picking up travel tchotkes. Talking about their most treasured possession, Marsha says that for her it’s a tie between the Ostrich egg lamp from their trip to South Africa and the currency glass that holds coins from the countries they’ve visited. But I think this round goes to Alvito. Even upon multiple queries he insisted that for him, without a doubt, it is Marsha. Pity the guy is already taken, non? 😛

Alvito’s quiet, contemplative personality is the perfect foil for Marsha’s chatty, colorful one and it translates beautifully in their home as well- warm and bold wonderfully complemented. According to Marsha, her husband’s décor insights and ability to visualize colors, lights and spaces is what adds that warmth and harmony to their pretty home while her inability to visualize things, on the other hand, is what adds the crazy touches that can quite stand out. M, in that case, never loose that inability and streak of craziness because your home is perfect the way it is!