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Reena’s Refined Roost

There was a reason why this motley crew got together and dreamt of this little place called Housedelic. None of us have never claimed to be decor oracles, but if there one thing that defines each and every one of us is the belief that turning your home into your haven does not require truckloads of money. All it requires is a little bit of patience, lots of passion and some taste. And in case we ever become famous and need a brand ambassador George Clooney Reena Chowdhury will be our first choice. This multi-talent lady wears many hats and juggles each of them with equal aplomb. A marketing professional and a trained artist, Reena is also the founder and managing trustee of ‘A Little Dream’, a registered NGO which she started in 2010 for underprivileged children.
The Bangalore apartment where Reena lives with her husband, mirrors her vivacious personality and has an unmistakable cheerful vibe. Reena says her attempt has always been to buy eclectic things that are seemingly ordinary or made of everyday material but are truly unique in themselves or the manner in which they are decorated in her home. Having built her collection bit by bit over the years, her home has a lovely layered quality where nothing matches but everything comes together in perfect harmony!
A lot of thought and care has gone into every object that has found its way into her home and onto her walls. Every piece has a fond memory or a story behind it and you will find many things being used differently than their intended purpose. Ganesha and Buddha figurines in a variety of material, shapes and size, dot the room and according to Reena create a positive ambience in her living space.
A defining feature of Reena’s home is the creative use of lights of all kinds to “light up” her space. An unconventional garland of ball-shaped lights, looks lovely lighting up her collection of figurines on the corner table. The play of light from her collection of lamps of different shapes and textures cast shadows that are not only mesmerising but infuses her home with a lovely feeling of coziness and warmth.
Being an artist herself, her home is dotted with many of her own paintings and a few that she has collected, all adding up to the definition of her space that she proudly calls ‘my-self expression’. Incidentally there is a lovely little thing Reena said about overdone decor at homes, that I found very interesting; her funda is that home decor is like a painting, you should know when to stop! Ain’t that the truth!
Her garden is her own little den where she relaxes with a book and her favourite cup of tea. Done up with terracotta horses and wall hangings, some brightly coloured pots, wind chimes and of course her growing collection of plants, her garden is what she describes as her oasis of peace.
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