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Remnants of a year gone by….

2014 brought along with it a new year, nip in the air, greetings from dear ones, plum cakes and a handful of old trashed calendars from the year gone by. My next cubicle neighbour was throwing his 2013 desk calendar. I almost jumped on it, rescued it and placed it on my desk. It looked so beautiful. It is indeed sad that calendars die so young. While we, humans celebrate our 1st birthday with balloons, streamers, gifts and cakes, the calendar breaths its last on its very first anniversary.

Want to hear my rescue-story?


At the very beginning, let me remind you that sitting in the office and planning a “turning a pumpkin into Cindrella’s carriage” kind of a makeover is impossible. So I had to follow a five-minute recipe. Just see it yourself.

The pages were taken out, held together (one above the other) tightly and with a pair of big scissors, the pictures were cut. At one go, all the twelve pictures were ready. This particular calendar had a thin floral border too. They were cut and made into book marks simultaneously.



The guy who photocopies documents in our office was called and the pictures were handed over to him for laminating. He obliged for ten bucks per piece. One of the foremost things I love about Kolkata is its people. The guy told me that since there are a dozen pieces, he will do it for ninety bucks instead of one twenty!  


He did his job.

I had a handful of coasters for home. My tea cup got a new place to rest its butt, the tiny potted plant on my window sill got a new mat to sit and the books I bought from the Book Fair became the new home for the bookmarks.   :)


Whoever said that a calendar is “a mathematical progression with arbitrary surprises” was right. At least, for the ‘arbitrary surprises’ part, yes.