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Sanatkada Fair

If you are a decor enthusiast like me, it doesn’t matter what category you fall into – whether you are married or single, a home maker or working woman, a student or a professional, making the most out of your space and enhancing your surroundings will always be on your mind. If you are moving homes you have a whole new world to explore out there and even if you have a fully furnished home, then too there are chances of something nagging you as you look around your home. That dull corner in your living room reiterates the fact that a new piece of furniture could do wonders there, the old faded rug needs to be replaced, the windows would get a new look if they get new curtains or blinds, that empty space in the balcony needs some new planters, that odd corner on the ceiling would look better with some wind chimes, so on and so forth !

It’s also important to know your sense of style before you do the purchasing and settle for something big. It should appeal to your senses and reflect your own persona. Some people like to stick to the traditional decor with ethnic, earthy stuff, some like the contemporary look that is more sleek with steel and leather, some have a flair for mixing and matching, some like to have quirky and eccentric corners here and there and some like a Bohemian touch to their decor.

I personally love the traditional look with splashes of Boho here and there. Anything that is hand crafted, hand painted or hand woven always finds a place in my home. The best place to shop for such things are the art and craft melas that are quite common these days and almost every city, big or small hosts them at least once a year. Not only would you find handcrafted things all under one roof but also something unusual and exquisite that will catch your eye that would be otherwise hard to find. One such mela or fair is held in Lucknow every year . An organization called Sanatkada puts up an event every year that is a haven for all art lovers. The vibrant colours, the copious variety of home decor stuff on display will leave you wanting and asking for more even when you leave the place. I often find myself coming back the next day just because I left out something that I wanted so badly. So, if you want to go for a round of virtual shopping , make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, sit back and enjoy the pictures of this beautiful event.











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