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Sattvik – where peace reigns supreme!

Away from the hustle and bustle of the ever expanding city that is Bangalore is where the beautiful treasured filled home of Gargi and Sudipto is. Overlooking a huge lake amidst enviable peace and tranquility, is their aptly named abode ‘Sattvik’.
Living room - corner 
For this charming couple the idea of a home is simple, people should feel welcome the moment they step in and should not think twice before plopping themselves down. And that goes for pets and humans alike! Bright colored rugs, lots of cushions, lovely fragrance (agarbatti or any other incense) and a clean home is what is of prime importance to them in making their home the perfect sanctuary.
Bird- Orissa (handicraft) Owls - Bengal handicraft 
One of the corners - Living room 
Gargi has been collecting object d’art for a long time. Traveling to a new place, she makes sure she gets to interact with the locals and bring back a lovely memory by the way of some interesting local handicraft. Passionate about traveling, she has been exploring India for the last 12 or so years and says her dream is to travel world over and do up every little corner of her home with small, unique pieces that become the perfect conversation starters.
Part of mask collection 
Rajasthani Jharokha 
They have been spending slowly and calculatingly, hence no expense was really sudden, unaccounted for while doing up their home. Collecting the right kind of furniture, a decorative object gradually never made them feel the pinch and has managed to be an activity both enjoy and look forward to.
Family silver - the sindoor dibba belonged to my grandmother 
HD 7 
Gargi believes one needs some amount of money but truckloads of creativity to do up a lovely, warm, lived-in home. Buying expensive pieces and placing them all over does not make for a well done up house. Another important facet for her is to incorporate the character of the country/ region where your house is. She likes to do her bit by showcasing our indigenous creativity and promoting local artisans. She dislikes following any trend or style blindly and finds it very odd when people prefer to have pale lavender wall (which may look wonderful in a English country cottage) instead of the earthy tones (red/orange/deep green) to blend with the local environment when it comes to décor.
MIsc 486 
Gargi says she had never before seen so many different types of birds, butterflies and spiders before shifting to ‘Sattvik’. The lovely green lawn where they like to sit and sip wine/ tea, the fact that the house is swathed in sunshine during the day, and the huge rainbows whenever it rains makes the place their perfect little getaway without getting away!