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Shubhamangala – A traditional South Indian abode

Chandramati Maayi (Aunt) is the first DIY decorator that I had the pleasure of being acquainted with in my life. As a child I remember noticing interesting vintage objects and beautiful flower decorations in their small apartment. Years later when I heard that they have bought a bigger apartment, I was curious to know how she would have decorated it this time!
Nothing prepared me for what I saw when I visited them last month. The 4 bedroom apartment on the 8th Floor of a high rise was transformed into a traditional palace of sorts. Being a lover of classic Indian home decor myself, I felt like Charlie in the Chocolate factory.
The living room was decorated with carved daybeds, traditional tiled benches and a huge carved swing. The windows have turned wooden railings. The floor tiles matched the color of the redoxide floors that were used in traditional Mangalorean homes. The combination of the red tiled floor and the wooden panels on the ceiling makes you forget that you are in an apartment complex.
Most of Maayi’s furniture came from the antique markets of Mumbai. Once she returned from Mumbai, what followed her was a truck load of furniture that made the Mumbai to Mangalore journey. One of my favorite pieces is the claw foot carved four poster bed in the master bedroom.
Apart from furniture, she loves collecting Ganesha Idols. You can see atleast one in every corner!
The kitchen has a special display rack above the cabinets that displays all her traditional Mangalorean utensils. An old wooden coffee table was cut up and made into small units to display miniature artifacts in the kitchen.
Chandramati Maayi owns a saree boutique in Mangalore called “ShubhaMangala” where she makes brides-to-be look gorgeous with the same passion with which she decorates her home. All in all, my two day stay with her, I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Looking forward to another trip soon :).