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Shudh Desi Romance

Wrapped in a polythene, tucked away safe in my mind

This song reminds me of gifts of love…of gifts, delicately wrapped in sheets of affection and carefully placed in one sunny corner of the heart. Strangely however, this song speaks of rain. And like sunshine, rain too brightens up every spot of my mind.
“Whenever it rains you will think of her”


Your gifts should remind him/her of you. A slice of your soul, a spoonful of ingredients of love and a dollop of memory on the top….the gift is ready. Gift him the plant you love, let him water it every day and see it break into laughter of leaves and flowers. If he is the lazy kind, gift him something like a cactus. It does not require frequent watering and it will also keep reminding him of you. 😀

One such beautiful idea would be found in Geeta’s parting gift to Mohan in Swades. It was a wooden box with small chambers inside. Each compartment had flavours from India in the form of spices, river pebbles, pieces of wood and soil. I found it heart-wrenching-ly beautiful. Many years back, I had got hold of my father’s wooden box which stored homeopathic medicines. It had a beautiful honeycomb pattern in which the glass tube-bottles were longitudinally placed. Empty bottles were filled with sweet-nothings and the box was gifted to my then-boyfriend. It made a happy gift indeed.

Empty bottles and sweet nothings also remind me of this. The first rain of one particular year was bottled and gifted to the then-boyfriend turned now-husband. The “saare waaden bhar gayi” feeling.

Photo se chhu lo tum….
See how February is strategically placed at the beginning of the year! Get hold of the old desk calendars your friends, relatives and colleagues are trashing. Remove the spirally binding coil, make the window from which the photograph will peep, cover it with acrylic sheet, cover the frame with paper or fabric of your choice and glue the two ends. Your photo frame is ready. Garnish them with embellishments of your choice.

The long and winding road”…

As partners, I am sure you guys have travelled to varied places. It could be the lengths and breadths of a city, a country or even the world. Buy a map, paint it red (not literally) by marking the places you have visited together and scribble in the details of each place or any special memory attached to it. You can keep on updating the map every now and then by adding places you have visited and tagging on newer dream destinations.
Another version of this gift could be a huge jigsaw puzzle of a world map (those having 1000 and more pieces). If both of you are travel-fanatics, putting the pieces together and creating a map jointly will enthrall you to no limits. Personally, I love these group activities (if you have chosen the right person, even two can make a huge group). Try this. One of the best tried and tested DIY gift ideas this is.
Aaja Dil ki kare saudebazi”….

What better things can you expect from a lawyer?

Jokes apart, while gifting something on the “Love Day”, there is no harm in mixing your profession with pleasure. If you are a Doctor, gift him/her a handwritten prescription of love. If you are painter, paint her a picture. If you write, pen down a prose or a verse for your special one. And last but not the least, if you are a lawyer, draft a fancy Joint Venture Agreement or a partnership deed, jotting down fun-points on your rights and his/her liabilities, seal it with your self-designed rubber stamp and gift it to your Him/ Her. (Don’t forget to add the ‘SUE kar mere maan ko’ clause. It will save you every time he/she goes against the terms you’ve set).

Music is what feelings sound like”..

Yes, they do. Use that vintage long playing record which has huge emotional value and zero workability. Transform it into a great Valentine’s Day gift by gluing bits and pieces of memories onto it. Like this may be.

When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive”…

Yes it will. The love for food. Indeed the way to a man’s (and a woman’s) heart is through his/her stomach. If you have run out of all the DIY gift ideas, you are still left with this. Make him/her a nice breakfast (or any meal). The sunny side is bound to be up :-).

Making your loved one happy is not a huge task. I am very old school so far as gifting ‘him’ is concerned. I feel that a gift should be an extension of both of you blended together. A handwritten love letter (ranging from booklets to paper napkin-notes), a collection of your favourite chat-histories printed, his favourite childhood read or her much desired box of crayons/ colour pencils can light up the mood.

My last pearl of wisdom: the best do-it-yourself gift in this world is a hug. If he/she hugs you tight, hug him/her tighter.

Have a great Valentine’s Day ahead.