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Songs of Summer | Bangalore

I wouldn’t be the first to tell you this, but this holds as good as any mathematical equation we know of – passion and hard work when combined with an inspirational idea can truly yield wonderful results, the only variables being luck & time. One example of such perseverance is a store called ‘An Indian Summer’, which has an interesting take on bridging the gap of misinformation and sometimes total lack of information about our green friends a.k.a plants, so that we do not end up killing them! I am sure at some point in time, most of us have been found guilty of committing this crime, but if you stop to think about it, is it really us who are solely responsible for this? Don’t beat up yourself too much, your neighbourhood plant nursery might partly be responsible for the demise of your plants and in turn your dreams of having that lush garden. Those guys generally have a standard reply for every plant they stock – keep in semi-shade, water everyday and your plant will keep on giving flowers. Very few bother to divulge the information that the plant might actually be seasonal! What a shame that we novices inevitably fall for the pretty flowers and end up regretting it later when the plant fails to bloom or worse dies under our care.
This quaint little gardening store is here to take those plant woes out of your life. A visit to the store and Puja, the charming owner, will floor you with her extensive hands-on knowledge of plants. The store has all that you need to set up your own patch of green – the hardy varieties, which refuse to die even if you are boneheaded enough to drown them in water or sadistically punish them by keeping in a dark corner and an array of beautiful flowering ones. But its not just the variety of plants that makes the store special, it’s the very essential information that comes along with the plants that makes An Indian Summer different. Based on your criteria, be it the shaded balcony or the sunny roof of your home or maybe a nice cozy corner in your house that you are itching to green-fy, rest assured you will be suggested only those options that will survive in that ecosystem! This store can very well help novices, master the trick of how to have cheerful and happy plants! And the best part? It won’t be with a big burning hole in your pocket!
The other aspect that really strikes you is the design thinking that has gone into the terracotta planters, which Puja herself hand crafts. Meant to blend aesthetic and utilitarian sense along with showing the natural beauty of the plants, Puja has ended up creating some unique compositions! It’s a winning combination that is rare to find, especially for those of us who take the trouble to hunt down very specific things for our homes. Check out the painted skull pots (looks like I will have to head back for one of those very soon, thanks to a certain someone at home!) and the Terrarium in pictures. For those of us living under the rock, yours truly being one of them, a terrarium is the equivalent of an aquarium, but for soil based ecosystem instead of water. Fell for those, I must say!
The store sends out a good message of being eco friendly, which from being a fad earlier is now somewhat a necessity, owing to the urban lives we all lead. Apart from the range of store made terracotta products that they promote, they also stock flower pots made of metal and recycled glass containers, and a range of neem based pest killers and nutrition elements like gobar, vermi compost etc. They conduct pottery classed for the tiny tots in store as well. Please do contact the store for more details on this. As I started off, its just a question of passion, hard work and time given which your garden can become a joy forever with some lucky help from An Indian Summer.
The Store Details:

An Indian Summer
# 61, 1st A Main, S T Bed,
4th block Koramangala,
Bangalore – 560034
Ph # 09008316820
Website: http://www.anindiansummer.com